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Thread: Girplan Scavenger

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    Number Required: need like 40-45 people Qvic geared

    Mobs Name: Girplan Scavenger

    Level: 70

    Spawn Details: in MPG by mind trial

    Hits: hits for 2.5 k w/ AE rampage

    Slowable: Yes

    Spell effects:

    AE Cloud of Attrition
    1)Decrease Spell haste by 50%
    2)Decrease ATK by300
    3)Increase Disease counterby 24
    4)Limit : Combat skill not allowed

    AE Discordant Feedback
    1)Decrease HP when cast by 1000
    2)Decrease Mana by 100 per tick
    3)Decrease HP by100 per tick
    4)Decrease Endurance by 150 per tick
    5)Decrease Endurance by 100
    6)Increase Curse Counter by 16
    Resist: chromatic -300
    Interruptable : yes
    Duracion : 1 Ticks @L1 to 6 Ticks @L10

    AE Cloud of Discord
    1)Decrease HP by 1900
    2)Stun (12.00 sec)
    and btw i did try it like 2 weeks ago for a clr friend and we did it with 2 groups from my guild, easy fight
    2 clrs/1warr/2rgns/1shammy/1druid/1enc/2 wizzys/1bard/1zerker //0deaths (anguish and demiplane of blood geared th)

    GL with it ...

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    Default Re: Girplan Scavenger

    Planar campaign on fv server has done him lots...we take 2+ groups and spam heal the tank...i have never seen a wipe or a long fight...


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