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Thread: Favorite Places

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    Crystal Caverns... Dunno why, just like it there a lot.
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    BBM will always hold a spot for me. The statue of the dwarf with the doublebladed axe, that alway made me smile.

    Hate: Fear. Never have like the breakins from the old days. Still don't like going there due to the old days. LOL

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    let's see, I'm speaking of course with the experience of my chanter since Kaellon hasnt really had that much "lets go see this" experience.

    But, with Omad.... I always liked:

    Plane of Mischief. I learned how to charm here back when I was in the late 50's wearly 60's. After that, I leveled my ass off to 64 and used Command of Druzzil in HoH.

    Always Hated:
    Uqua, I have died so many times in that place. Either to the mobs, or to the stupid AE death room, or to a random occurence that nobody can explain, etc etc etc...I hate that zone. It sucks. There is no point to that zone being that crazy.

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    Love: Anguish: the room with the skelly lying in the red shower always makes me happy, and the run up with the citadel appearing out of the fog in the distance is just awesome; the front room of dreadspire keep is just plain gorgeous; i've always loved unrest since the early days duoing with a pally friend that I haven't seen since kunark ; Elddar Forest just for the lore.
    Hate: Simon Says mpg trial (still trying to figure out how to move and stay still at the same time). The Hive (razzum frazzum see invis roamer). PoSky. Lake Rathe (guess why)
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    Love: Old Seb - Just the best crawl around.
    Hate: Fear, PoSky,

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    I LOVE to go to I think it's twilight sea? The one behind katta castellum, so peaceful there just staring out over the docks and the water.

    For some reason, I always loved that city, it's dead, not a soul there, beautiful, relaxing, peaceful, and plenty of merchants, banks, tradeskill materials and soloing grounds nearby.


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