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Thread: Not specifically Cleric related but...

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    Default Not specifically Cleric related but...

    Okies there we are in Kael, the guild has gone through a bit of a rebuilding, so we're hitting Vindi, SoRZ etc to requip. Casual raiding guild, range of members from 52 up to 67.

    I'm playing Basalic, my son is playing Karalin, my 65 Bard 'main', we're pulling the Arena mobs with a few others waiting for everyone to arrive.

    Anyhow, we get setup and I decide I'm going to switch to Karalin to pull Vindi and split him from his two guards. This will then leave Vindi single for my son to run in after we'd killed the two pets.

    The plan is to tag Vindi, run him and his guards into the Arena, hit Deftdance (auto Dodge Discipline) and then use Song of Highsun to 'gate' Vindi back. I then hit Fading Memories to lose agro and tag the two guards.

    Seems like a sound plan, so off I run, it's then that things start to go wrong. Tag goes ok, so I run them out.

    Quick check to make sure I've got Song of Highsun on a hotkey...........WTF - it's not loaded. So I proceed to try and put some distance between us, figuring I have an empty Arena to work in. Sit down, open Spell Book, arrrrghhhhh - not on first page, just find the song and BAM, I get hit by Vindi and his two croonies. Manage some how to get away, I'm now limping on 2% HP. No worries, I'll just fade and hope I can get far enough away to avoid re-agro. NOOOOOO!!!! - son has moved and deleted my Fading Memories hotkey. So now I'm dragging my near dead body around the Arena, being chased by 3 mobs trying to open the AA screen and get a hotkey up. By pure luck it all falls together at the top of the steps down to where the raid is waiting, I turn to see Vindi and company walking back to spawn and fall down the stairs.

    Moral of the story is make sure you're ready, especially when you haven't played that character for several weeks
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    Default Re: Not specifically Cleric related but...

    I did that to my brother one time - "borrowed" his 65 pally - moved about the hotkeys to suit myself and didnt put em back! oops! Luckily had no bad consequences but he wasnt best pleased lol.

    Great moral though and so true!

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    Default Re: Not specifically Cleric related but...

    I am just amazed as to how well you handled it.

    May Tunare Bless Thee...

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    Default Re: Not specifically Cleric related but...

    ouch lol lucky ya didnt die LOL
    May the Power of Rodocit Nife protect us all and Norrath with us.

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    Default Re: Not specifically Cleric related but...

    Wow that sounds like a real challenge hehe. *thump* your son a couple times! =P
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