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Thread: Registering with Yahoo Mail

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    Default Registering with Yahoo Mail

    Lately I've been getting a lot of e-mails from people registering using a Yahoo Mail account stating they never got the activation e-mail, even after I've manually re-sent it several times.

    After some testing it seems Yahoo Mail filters the activation e-mail to the Bulk (spam) folder automatically which is why you're not seeing it.

    We always recommend you do NOT use a free, webbased e-mail service when registering for a website/forum. We can not control what e-mails services like Yahoo Mail will let through to you.

    Just remember that admins at this site will never publish your registered e-mail address on the site nor will you ever receive spam from EverQuest Clerics or have your account shared with such facilitators.

    We have written Yahoo and explained the problem to them but I can't promise anything is going to happen because of it.

    If you've registered with a Yahoo Mail account and you cannot find the activation e-mail in your Bulk folder or it has been emptied, please contact Jarvis to have new codes sent or e-mail on file changed.

    I strongly recommend those of you registered with a Yahoo e-mail address to get that changed, especially for those of you complaining about problems receiving e-mails from the site.

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    Default Re: Registering with Yahoo Mail

    I used Yahoo and have for years, I did not have this problem. However, that IS a common issue with things "unknown" being sent to the Bulk folder as spam. =( Big problem with Ebay too my hubby and I discovered. I guess I am a rare one that looks in the Bulk folder before I delete it. =)
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