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    Couple nights ago my guild was finishing rings in PoE to spawn Arbitor. We had done 2 rings night before and we were finishing up with Dust. We cleared dust ring and keep last devotee mezzed as to not start Triumverates until we were set. We then cleared up to Croc spot. Croc was down atm so had a nice clear spot to do last named and be ready to clear to Arbitor.

    Brought up last devotee, killed him and waited for Triumverates to get to us. Most of the raid was concentrated right where Croc normally is to give rooters room. Rooters called inc, so we were getting ready to engage Tri's when.................

    The Croc Pops right on top of raid!!!! hehe.

    I just stared in disbelief. It was like watching a train of 20 giants getting ready to plow you. That thing is huge!! What are the chances? So I was like /g inc wipe!!, but hell we are gonna at least go out fighting. We got shifted to Croc pretty quick and pallys and such were trying there best to keep Tri's rooted. We had no MGB heal rotation set up, nothing.....

    People are dying left and right, but clerics are somehow not getting hit and we are keeping MT on croc up and the Croc is dying. So, im thinking "hehe, we might kill Croc before Tri's get us".....Just then I get beat down by a Tri and die.

    While sitting in PoT waiting on rez, Croc is killed. I take rez get back in and there is 1 Pally at like10% life keeping all 3 Tri's rooted. Somehow we managed to get people up and take down each Tri. Then we take down the Dust named. LoL, we coudlnt believe it. We had just lived thru doing the dust ring while the croc had spawned on top of us.

    So, naturally we feel invincable and are ready to take down arbitor. But...........funny thing he didnt spawn =( Roughly about that time is when some in /gu said "oh yeah, server was reset last night" @#$$# hehe

    We went from a great high of pulling out what looked like certain defeat, to having to pack up for night =( But, was fun nonetheless.

    This was definitly a Lore moment for our Guild.

    Oh yeah, and as we were sitting there at croc spot right before it popped some one made comment in /gu "hey, wouldnt it be funny if Croc popped right now?"

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    lol, nice. I have one word..... Karma ;-)
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