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  • Original (Old School all the way baby!)

    15 7.46%
  • Ruins of Kunark (Love the Iksar)

    11 5.47%
  • Scars of Velious (Love the Dragons)

    46 22.89%
  • Shadows of Luclin (Love the Kitties)

    20 9.95%
  • Planes of Power (Plane of Time WOOT!)

    58 28.86%
  • Lost Dungeons of Norrath (Love the Wayfarer's)

    41 20.40%
  • Gates of Discord (Love the Nihilites)

    10 4.98%
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Thread: Favorite Expansion

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    Wow, old, but a good question...

    Original - technically not an expansion! When the game was fresh and new. When I played my druid and of course I'd often wind up healing, and when occasionally we had a cleric in the group I was like, wow... Then I leveled my cleric with friends playing alts, and then with all kinds of groups, many of the old dungeons... SolA was awesome, and I had good heals instead of barely adequate, and later I could rez.

    I suppose technically the old planes belong to this era as well. How often have I not raided Fear and Hate, sometimes as the pull chanter, sometimes on my cleric. I got the full armor set from Hate. And the Hole, a favorite zone for some of us to hang out in. But not really original EQ, it's somewhere in between.

    Kunark. A huuuuge new continent with huge and different new zones, but often a pain to travel around in. Karnor's as a cleric, yes you bet I kept DA memmed, both of them. Did the Charasis key quest; we had a group of regulars who used to hang out there all the time. And then the epic of course; raiding the king in Chardok, another great zone. Kunark has some of the most impressive dungeons in game IMO.

    Velious. Huge frozen wastelands. Raiding Kael wasn't bad. And WToV, HoT, NToV... I think I've seen enough dragons for a lifetime. Velious wasn't bad but I don't think it would be my favorite.

    Luclin. I know a lot of people feel this is where it started going downhill, but it wasn't bad at all IMO. No frogs and dragons! Cool underground zones. Fungus Grove was a favorite for a long time. Whoever came up with the invisible bridge in the Deep should be shot though.

    Planes of Power. I know some feel it wasn't hardcore enough, but graveyards were neat. And here they still put in lots of unique zones, before everything started looking the same. POI factory groups. The plane of Earth was one of my favorites... it has such a, well, earthy atmosphere. Plane of Tactics, Tower of Ro... Lots of flags to get but it was cool, and you had a sense of progression and accomplishment, and as a reward you got into new zones. Here I first got into endgame raiding (the previous expansions don't count, they weren't endgame anymore when I raided there). Raiding the elemental planes was cool, and there was a huge sense of accomplishment in defeating the elemental gods and getting into Time.

    Ykesha is missing! It does have some neat zones.

    Lost Dungeons, yeah, the adventures were fun and very different from the typical dungeon group. It wasn't much for raiding though, partially because of the weird 30 man cap. All in all there wasn't enough to it to make a candidate for favorite expansion.

    Gates of Discord. This was quite a shock at first, after being used to PoP. People really had to adjust to this one. Everything was a lot harsher suddenly. And zones started to look more like clones of each other. The goat women were certainly something new though. But I have some of my fondest memories here too. Ttipt was hard but fun and different. The Ikkinz trials... there were only a few groups on the whole server who could defeat them back then. We spent a lot of time there... just hanging around Kod`Taz was like being in a different world, almost no one went in there. Later, the 2-3 man M'Sha raids... I got 4 pieces of Dakkamor out of that.

    So, I don't know, out of these the choice is perhaps between PoP and GoD, but maybe that's just because I was raiding them with an endgame guild and just got the most out of them that way. The expansions all had a lot to offer though IMO.
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    I have always really liked EQ, but I didn't start loving it until LDoN came out. Back then 90% of my time was in pickup groups; so I rarely could finish a quest, or I'd always lose on the rolls, or I'd decide somebody else needed a drop more. With LDoNs I could earn points with every mission and be assured of getting something .. someday. I loved it and I still prefer that system to the endless farming for random drops.

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    Well My thoughs are with.....

    "Planes of Power (Plane of Time WOOT!)"


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