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Thread: Remember When.... (EQ before PoP)

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    What I remember is

    1. Being scared to death running to Oasis for my first time. It was such a long and dangeroous run for me.

    2. The many hours at the end of Orc Hwy. in Oasis.

    3. Where west commons were a hub for druids to sit and wait to port someone for plat somehwere.

    4. Where to buy something was at torch 1,2 or 3.

    5. Thought all guards were there to save me but found out about "corrupt" guards in WC.

    6. The 45 minute boat rides and missed work cause I knew if I camped on a boat I would be dead when I logged back in... lol

    7. In Everfrost and you could make plat just doing money exchange runs for people killing the ice giants.

    8. The trains in black burrow was the best!!

    9. Holly Windstalker needs to die everytime I go into Qeynos Hills and I do not think I will ever be able to kill her as much as she killed me. bleh

    10. How getting to safe spot in Plane of Hate was such a PITA. lol

    11. Having another high end guild have to come save my guild from continuous wipes in Plane of Fear. LOL

    I have so enjoyed EQ these last 5 plus years and still do.

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    Default Re: Remember When.... (EQ before PoP)

    I remember doing

    1. Mission Impossible style runs through Kith Forest, at night no less to avoid undead. I swear I still hear the music playing when going through that zone.

    2. Avoiding oasis docks like the plague for the number of trains that people brought through there expecting a magic fairy to kill them.

    3. Working that sense heading up like no tomorrow

    4. Paying an insane amount of plat to buy my way off Velious when Kerafyrm was spawned

    5. Rubicite was ultra rare and just knowing someone with it was awe inspiring

    6. Indicolite was the end all be all warrior armor

    7. A BBK and a Wurmslayer were godly.....
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    *laughs* this brought back so many memories..

    Falling off the boat when you had to change shuttles to get to Kunark. Had to get a GM to rescue me cause I was getting fatiqued while treading water and didnt have my sense heading up high enough to keep that stupid compass from swinging from east to west. I had just purchased and wiped out my bankroll on my first piece of bronze for my warrior, so I was pretty upset and didnt want to drown and lose it..cuase tring to retrieve a corpse in water was a major b*tch

    I remember accidently aggroing the Cyclops on the way to Freeport from BB..OOPS...hehe

    The first time I fell out of the trees in Kelethin and DIDNT DIE!! OMG!!

    My guild camping the sisters in LFay ...looting all the uber warrior gear and destroying my leathers only to find out when I logged back in the next day that the gear was Temporary and I was nekked!

    The same camp..killing the sisters and my whole group wiping but me from the unicorn..cant remember what she hit me for..but I limped off with 1 HP left

    *sigh* the first time through Kithicor woods..being invised and was out of water *blushes* thought I would hit the forage button on the run through not knowing it would dump my invis..Aggroed the undead..Not a pretty site! *laughs* yeah..I know..a total NOOB

    I still have those friends from way back..*smile* we sometimes gather at a local inn and tell stories of the past..*nods* Those definatley were some fun times!
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