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    When i logging into EQ and i get to the character selection screen sometimes my mouse doesnt work. The cursor sits in the upper left hand corner and wont respond. I've tried everything I can think of but I always end up manually shutting the pc down and restarting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have the same problem
    /em frowns

    What i do is i do control alt delete and wait the task manager pops up and i wait for it to change from no response to running then do switch to... and im ready for game

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    I have sometimes experienced this...seems to be a lot less common of late. A solution that seems to work in the majority of cases is to send EQ to windowed mode (Ctrl+Enter). Release the mouse to windows (Shift+Alt+R??). Re-activate EQ by clicking on window and the Re-maxing the window (Ctrl+Enter again)
    I know that's somewhat painful - but it's a lot better than rebooting and restaring EQ
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    There is a good post on this at the Everlore site. Go under tech support and there is a web link to download a Windows Application Capatability application. I tried it and amazingly it works.
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