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Thread: Epic Walkthrough (combined)

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    Bajen said in post #58 :
    Is there a minimum level required to do this quest? For instance I know it is level 30 for the Inny snare necklace cleric quest in Neriak.

    Thanks in advance.
    Nope, but you can't use the clickie until 46 or 51 I believe. I dont' remember exactly. For fun we completed the epic for a friend of mine's 33 cleric. So it can be done any level, but you have to be a certain level to actually use it. Hope that helps.
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    Level 46 to use the clickie.
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    I have a 46 and it wont let me clickie. Effect notes say level 50.

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    Well, finished my epic today. Its been a long road,times of not playn to just plain putting it off. Duo'd Z'ragefir in skyfire with 70monk/69cleric,was a pretty easy fight. Got feared once,dispelled most of my buffs. Just burned him with disc,and used HOT a couple of times,and a couple heals..Didn't seem to hit real hard(monk has like 1700ac,some defensive aa's).
    anywho, glad its done..

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    Therius said in post #40 :
    One quick answer and two comments. Ragfire in Sol B is on a 24 hour timer from the last turn-in. So if you are the second Cleric in a 24-hour period to do your turn-in, sit and wait. Also, the Avatar of Water ran around the island for like 4 mins before coming back to the beach, but he did and I did turn-in with no problems. Lastly, not sure when it changed but I figure most people must know this by, however, if you hail Warder in SF she now gives you the binding box without having to do the turn-in to Ragefire in Sol B. Hope this helps somebody.
    So does this mean I do not even have to go to Sol B. I can turn in the Shimmering Pearl I get from Natasha to Warder Cecilla in Skyfire Mountains and she will give me the Box of Binding AND the Swirling Pearl?

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    Nope, sorry - I saw this post too & thought the same, but after more reading, found that the Warder will only give you an empty box, IF you have the pearl that Zordak gave you in SolB.
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    I found out that the ability to get the box from Warder Cecilla is to allow you to get another box and 4 more fragments in the event that you fail the final Ragefire battle.

    A good group solid group will have no problem with Ragefire (the dragon). I had two groups with 2 70 pallys and several other high level casters and others and Ragefire went down in about 1 - 1 1/2 min. I was feared twice (my MR is low).

    However, we did won and I got my Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh, WOOT.

    Thanks to all the previous posters throughout this site that provided good comments and suggestions on our epic.

    Now to continue getting my tailoring and smithing up to finish my shawl, UGH!! Any ideas on increasing tailoring and smithing to 200???

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    I just dinged 55 doing Chardok. I have a question. Can a 55 cleric solo down to Ragefire for the turn-in? Is there a specific route for the least agro? Can I sit someplace and wait for Zordak to spawn without getting agro?
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    The easiest way to get to Ragefire vendor is to just bring a 65 or even a 70 anybody with you to smack the mobs around for you.

    When I did, I had my twobox chanter. My animation took out most or all of the goblins that the nukes were'nt catching.


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