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  • I ride a Drogmar.

    71 36.79%
  • I ride a Horse.

    90 46.63%
  • No I don't own one and never will. (explain why by replying)

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  • I am saving up for a mount.

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Thread: Do you ride a mount?

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    Default Re: Do you ride a mount?

    I do not use a horse, I use Yaulp IV for mana regen when I need it. Frankly I have grown to hate horses and leezards. Huge obsticles for me to get stuck on when I am trying to move around quickly, there is nothing I enjoy more than staring at a big horses arse while performing my ch duties (NOT). ALL EQ HORSES and LEEZARDS should be shot and made into dog food!

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    Default Re: Do you ride a mount?

    I ride a horse simply because my chanter has a drogmor and it makes me sick to run when I'm on it. The up and down and up and down... nice in bed, but crappy on a drogmor... =)

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    Default Re: Do you ride a mount?

    Pheonia rides a black Drogmor named Spike. My SK, when she gets the AAs, will be riding a black horse named Bela.

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    Default Re: Do you ride a mount?

    I ride a white horsey, which i'd say is pretty apt cos i'm a HIElf, and all my clothes are dyed white and i wanna just look good! (And white.... )

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    Default Re: Do you ride a mount?

    I ride a white horse(the cheap one). Since no one has posted the advantages and disadvantages of having a mount, I will.

    The sbility to set and med
    Less agro because your basicly not sitting in the mobs eyes
    Ability to scribe and mem spells without sitting and standing
    Ability to move at a faster pace when over your weight limit
    Ability to move better when suffering from rez effects
    Mounts absorb a good deal of damage when falling from small heighs(up to 500 damage)

    Slow rate of movement when using a cheaper mount
    Very expensive
    Speed up and slow downs when starting and stoping movement
    For horses, the head can get in the way at times
    For drogs, the body can get in the way when looting
    Can't be used in indoor zones and dungeons

    I've had my horse since i was lvl 40something and I personally couldn't raid without it. I can med much more mana when I'm on my mount than stand/sit casting. When i get rezed durring a raid, it's much easier and better to sit on my mount to wait on rez effects to fade than sitting on the ground and have the chance of getting slaughtered again by a mob. Being lvl 52 and having a 255 wis, using a mount while i have C3 and BoT9, I med more mana than I can use most times. Durring raids, mounts are great for chain nuking and chain healing because you can med while you cast and it greatly reduces risk of agro. I have died far more times by healing and then sitting on the ground than I EVER have using my horse.

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    Default Re: Do you ride a mount?

    I have Emperor horse... but would prefer Drogmor model for same running speed
    This head infront of me jsut annoing ;/

    PS. My ISP down... Stuck to reading forums.. Fun of polls.. guess i'll dig up every poll on this forum even from page 3 and deeper...

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    Have the White Oranet Chain Briddle and her name is skittles! (Emp horse)

    She told me very juicy secrets on the scaly royal family!
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    Default Re: Do you ride a mount?

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    Default Re: Do you ride a mount?

    I don't have a mount and probably never will because of the price. Man how do you get that much money? I've never had more than 2000 plat in the bank(which only happened once). I don't think I've even earned enough money in my eq life(about 8 months) to buy the cheapest mount. Just before I had to give up my internet, I had started a trader. It looked promising, but I was not at a point where I could effectively use it. So I guess until I figure out the plat thing, I'll just have to keep running from here to there, LOL!
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    Default Re: Do you ride a mount?

    <--- ssra emp horse

    i use it mainly for travel, and on raids when the zone alows. never in exp groups anymore.

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    Default Re: Do you ride a mount?

    My Drog was bought for me as a gift from someone becuase I helped so much the guild and them. Back then I used it alot, now, I rarely use it. Mainly cause most zones are no mounting zones. Even then, if able, I still rarly use it, cause of the inability to stop a spell, unlike if you are just standing, you can SHIFT-S to stop a spell quickly to change what ya were casting. I compaensate by using Yaulp 7 more and more than the mount.
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    Default Re: Do you ride a mount?

    I too use Yaulp VII whenever I am in a zone that doesn't allow mounts, but have to say, I like sitting atop my steed as much as possible. It allows me another spell slot (since I am not using Yaulp) and the lack of agro and constant meditation mode is a big plus. As for not being able to see over my horse's head, I simply shrink once and that takes care of it. I do not use my horse for movement as I can run so much faster (with run5) that it is not beneficial....and I cannot see using up what pp I have just to stay atop my pony as I move from place to place.

    And of course....I am a High Elf and it would be totally out of character to have one of those lizards...aagh! I sit proudly atop my white stallion. And as for the mechanical pigs....well.....looks like a gnome or dorf thing to me. (Besides, I purchased my expansion online so didnt get the freebie).....which by the way, kinda miffs me....I paid $5 more than those who bought the retail store CD.....didn't require Sony to provide the CD and they had their money immediately...yet it is the ones who buy in the store that get the 'extra'....what's up with that?!..../minirant off

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    Default Re: Do you ride a mount?

    chanty=ornate horse

    i think that is all of my mounts.
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    Default Re: Do you ride a mount?

    Chanter used to ride the Economy Drog.

    Now both ride the Mechanical Hogs of the Deep. I call mine Sparky and my chanter's is called Smokey.

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    Default Re: Do you ride a mount?

    I hate horses for that fact that you can't easily duck out of spells anymore and I'm too cheap to get the 100k one.
    But they are ok in those CHains where you just keep up the pace and watch the heal channel.

    Generally I prefer having my 2 feet firmly on the ground.



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