I started playing EQ when it was first released. I was a cleric on Cazic-Thule but re-rolled on Luclin server when the first expansion servers came up. I was in a competitive raid guild when they implemented the epic weapon 1.0 quests. A few of us were far into the quest and shared information here. A female cleric from a guild called <Krieger> was coordinating our information sharing across realms via this website. I think they were from Karana server but it was so long ago. Anyhow, I was the furthest along in my epic quest from the Luclin realm and on the same step as her. That night we both summoned Ixiblat Fer for the first time on each of our realms. Her people eventually took him down and she became the first person to my knowledge world-wide with a Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh. My experience was different. At the time Ixiblat Fer was broken and calculated fire resist to his aoe as if everyone was level 1 with no FR. Even our rival guild came in to help take him down and we died repeatedly until the server was taken down to fix that bug. I lost a level and a half and had to start my epic quest over (I bound myself foolishly close to his spawn location). I still ended up being the second person on Luclin with an epic weapon. Worldwide the clerics had their epics so much earlier than other classes from major progression guilds. I believe our collaboration on eqcleric had a lot to do with it. Cheers!

-Franko Alcalde, former heal slave of <Apex> and <Endorean>, Luclin server.