Chosen Prophecy is a well known guild on the Bertox server. We accept BOTH raiders and non-raiders into the guild. We are many, so no need to sit around with lfg on. Mostly family orientated so cussing is frowned upon. We use Vent to communicate when on, or off raid times.

We raid 3 times a week, with a possible 4th 'off night' to help gear up lesser peeps. To raid we do have minimums, but acceptions can always be made. Come check us out!!!
We are always looking for healer classes, but other classes are never disregarded. There is a 30 day trial period to ensure both you and CP are a good mix.

Main page -
Links to rules, dkp system and application. Please do not forget to tell in game or on application Exxodia sent you to CP.

See you in game!