I am currently gauging interest for a possible progression guild! While I know there are several established progression guilds already running; (6 in total not counting progression servers that I know of) I am, personally, interested in starting from the beginning. I am also aware that there have been several posts of start up progression guilds in the Everquest forums. However, every single one in the past month or so seemed to have vanished quicker than it sprang up. And, judging by the responses on those threads, there are people interested. So, instead of just jumping into the frey, creating a guild and seeing where it leads, I am going to see if enough people are interested this way. In this way, all of the founding members will have a say in everything from the start. From guild name, to basic policies, to raid nights and just what raid targets we will start with.

To be clear, I am aware of how "hard" it is to raid old world content until instanced raid zones. I don't care. I enjoy a bit of a challenge and while I would like to hit every old world target, I also understand that skipping content might be required. If you also want a challenge, then I would like to hear from you. I am aware of the various changes in the game that might perhaps tip the scales in an inappropriate way (in terms of spells, gear or AA abilities) but, I do have ideas on how to combat those without getting making things too complicated.

The idea behind what, I believe, a lot of people out there want... Is a quasi-raiding guild, semi-casual, fun and inviting atmosphere while getting their raid fix in. And, I want those things too. So, without further adieu, let me get things started by explaining what I am looking for at this time.

Right now, I am looking for people in the America's that can raid at night, around 2 to 3 nights a week, starting around 6pm PST to around 12pm PST (or in Europe as well provided you are on during those times). I am looking for those that are interested in a bit of a challenge, because lets face it... if we want to start in any expansion before OoW, then it'll be a challenge finding targets in the old world. I am also looking for strong individuals motivated enough to help get things started, discuss progression paths and/or requirements, knowledgeable or level headed enough to find information and research to aid those who can't, or to aid in officer discussion on how we would want things to be. I want people willing to participate in active discussions, being officer related or guild wide discussions, and people willing to pitch in.

If you are one of those that started a progression guild earlier and have been unable to get any momentum going, then I want to hear from you as well. With the 3 progression guilds on test that sprung up in the last month, I am sure all of us could get something started here.

Most importantly, I am a family man. So, I am looking for those willing to run things with me since I will not be able to be present for all events and/or emergencies. If you are interested in being an officer, then lets talk. I have no quarrel with sharing leadership of a guild. I only ask that all decisions be discussed by either all officers or members where appropriate.
My ultimate goal, is to take this guild from humble beginnings, all the way to the latest and greatest content available. Past that, well... anything can happen

If any of this stirs interest in you, I want to hear from you. Drop me a message or reply here and lets talk. I do have resources outside of the game to get this moving, but right now, I am an army of one. Join me, and lets go on this grand adventure called Everquest.

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Based on questions I have received in other forums, I want to clarify a few things real quick.

The times listed above are my personal availability. Guild event times will be determined once the "core" is established and will be based off of everyone's availability as a whole.

I have not chosen a server (as I want everyone involved in this project to have a say) however currently, everyone currently interested is leaning on the Test server for a variety of reasons.

As of now, everyone is going through me for information (this project is only 2 days old) however, once I get a few more people interested, I will be opening up a private forum to open up discussion topics. No decisions are finalized as of yet and will be open to everyone part of the founding for input.

Thanks Everquest Clerics!