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Thread: Restandre - The Festival

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    Delenda left the walls to find Velarte to see if he had discovered anything. He found Velarte outside the temple placing rats in different squares on the checkerboard tiles.

    'Delenda!' Velarte exclaimed when he saw Delenda approaching. 'Delenda, I think I've got it!'

    'That quickly?' Delenda thought.

    Velarte motioned to the rats on the marble and explained, 'I figured out what the plague does, and I've managed to make antidote rats. When I put *these* rats in these spots by these other infected rats...'

    Delenda stood there bluntly.

    'You see! It's working!'

    'Um, Velarte, all you did was put some rats next to some other rats. How do I know that...'

    As Delenda was saying that, one of the disinfected rats ran up to Velarte and took a chomp out of his ankle.

    'YOW!' yelled Velarte as he kicked the rat away. 'OK, well, uh, try to detect disease in me. One of the infected rats bit me earlier.'

    Delenda cast a detect disease spell and noticed a fairly weak infection he was not familiar with but assumed was the plague. It had either recently entered Velarte's body or was about to run its he watched though, what he could sense of the disease in Velarte was fading away.

    'Delenda, we need to take these rats to the catacombs. We need them to intermingle with the other vermin down there and let that spread through the city.'

    Delenda nodded and grabbed two small cages with several rats in them each and followed Velarte to the Qeynos sewers through a grate nearby.

    Something was amiss in the sewers when they arrived. There were a bunch of moving cubes of clear jelly globbing around, and Delenda could hear sounds of fighting off in the distance.

    Delenda indicated to Velarte to continue on, and trotted off toward the clamour, only to find city guards locked in battle with each other! Worse still, were many sinister-looking characters dressed in sickly robes, and a few in armor, joining in the fray, along with their undead minions!

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    Delenda stared at the battle in confusion. He couldn't tell the good guards from the bad guards, nor could he tell how to approach the battle. When Delenda saw one of the Blood Sabres knock one of the guards to the ground, he started to move forward to help the man, when the Blood Sabre looked at him and fired a magical bolt at him.

    Delenda quickly dodged to the side, and realized all too late he was diving into a wall. But Delenda passed right through the wall! It was a fake wall...after making sure the Blood Sabre didn't follow him, Delenda surveyed his new surroundings.

    On the ground there, he found a man in leather armor who had recently died of slash wounds. Delenda quickly moved to his side and began an incantation to attempt to restore him.

    After a few moments, the wounded man weakly opened his eyes. Delenda quickly worked on healing his wounds before he could pass away again.

    The man motioned to Delenda to listen to him, so Delenda put his head near the man's mouth as he explained, breathing rapidly and coughing the whole time, ' spy on..on the Sabres. I was with an escort. Guard named Helminth. We ambushed. Ghosts, and nec. Necromancers. Feigned death, after wounded. They left but, but I couldn't last. Passed out. Never saw Helminth. Might be alive.'

    Delenda motioned for the man to stay still, and cast a spell that should lull him to sleep so he could rest. He would live, but he was still too weak to do anything.

    'They..went that way. Please..please don't let them...'

    And he fell asleep. Delenda heard a noise in the direction the monk had pointed, and cautiously moved in that direction. After following the twisting passage through several bends, Delenda saw a man in a Qeynos guard uniform.


    The man jumped, and looked at Delenda, before stammering, ', yes. That's me. What are you doing here?'

    Delenda cautiously answered, 'Vegalys sent me.'

    Helminth snorted a moment, and said, 'Great, I can't do this myself.'

    He pulled Delenda around the next corner and continued, 'That is the temple of the Blood Sabres. We need to infiltrate it while most of them are away, but I'm not quite sure how to get in with those spectres guarding the entrance.

    Delenda thought hard for a moment, and finally recalled a spell he had never used before. Helminth gave Delenda a strange look as their skin began to glow brightly.

    'That tingles...what did you do?'
    'We should be invisible to the undead minions. Won't help against much else, but we can get past the sentries. C'mon!'

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    Delenda help a finger to his lips for Helminth, and walked quietly to the entrance, and past the spectres. Inside, it was hazy, but Delenda could see one person.

    She immediately looked up and called out, 'Helminth! What are you doing, and who is this person?'

    Delenda heard Helminth's voice from behind him, 'Nobody we need worry about for long, Azibelle...'

    Delenda wheeled, and barely avoided a sword thrust into his back. Delenda quickly summoned his hammer as Helminth recoiled, and parried the next swing.

    Delenda had no idea what the woman was doing, he was too busy fighting off Helminth. As Helminth forced him to backpeddle, Delenda tripped backward just as Helminth swung at where his neck would have been. As Delenda fell into someone or something, he heard the most gut-wrenching scream from behind him. Helminth froze in place with a terrified look upon his face, and Delenda cautiously looked up to see Azibelle recoiling from catching the tip of Helminth's blade across her clavicle. Apparently they had both missed their target.

    Azibelle staggered and flailed for a few seconds before crashing into a wall and leaned onto it for support. Unable to find where he dropped his hammer, Delenda jumped to his feet and began to cast a spell.

    Delenda's hammer rose from the ground and flew at Azibelle, swinging by itself at her in mid-air. He quickly turned back to find Helminth still standing, agape. As Delenda finish an incantation, Helminth reeled suddenly from a blast of divine energy.

    Helminth collapsed, and while the spell did not kill him outright, the fall did, as he cracked his head hard on the stone floor.

    With that, Delenda heard laughing to his side.

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    'Well, well, if it isn't the cleric I left out in the Karanas. How did this lost puppy find it's way home?'

    Delenda realized there was one other person in the area, but who it was!

    'Kane! You've got some explaining to do!'

    'Me, explain? If you've come down here looking for me, I'd say you have all the explanation you need.'

    'Where did the bug comes from? Why the manufactured plague? Why are you besieging this city?'

    Kane chuckled.

    'You have much to learn about Norrath, healer-boy. Not everyone finds value in spending their time helping others. I simply seek to spread the teachings of Bertoxxulous, and if the Plaguebringer wants the city to rot away, so be it! I'm sick of my foolish brother controlling this land.'

    'But what will there be left to rule, if nobody is alive to serve?'

    'The pox will run its course soon enough; the swarms are what will get everyone. The disciples of the Plaguebringer shall be spared, so that they may..."cultivate" this land. And I shall rule his forces in this world.'

    'You will still be serving someone, though. It just won't be Antonius.'

    'Serving a god and serving a fool are two different things. My brother wants to fight all the Sabretooth gnolls to the death. My brother wants to build a bridge to Odus. My brother wants to annex lands when he can't even control the ones he claims he has already. Bertoxxulous is no such fool.'

    Kane cut off Delenda from saying anything more, as the ground began to rumble slightly.

    'Anyway, the scourge will be here soon. They follow the broodmother, and the broodmother is controlled by Bertoxxulous himself. They are coming to Qeynos, and once they are within the walls, there will be no stopping them.
    'I thought it fitting that they should pour forth from the temple here, so any minute they will be here to consume you. I suggest you run, crying home to that fish of your's. Maybe you can hide in the spaceship.'

    The rumbling in the ground grew louder, until finally the wall off to the side burst open and the broodmother and hundreds of swarmlings came out of the hole!

    Kane was standing to the rear of the area, but Delenda was near the entrance. All the swarmlings entered the area, and skirted around the two of them, leaving small circles of empty space around each.

    As the insects started going around Delenda and out the exit, he realized they would not get near him, and stood by the gate to cut them off. The ones that already got through were killed by the spectres outside.

    Kane cursed, and yelled out, 'I guess I'll just have to kill you myself!'

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    As Kane charged toward Delenda, the insects skittered out of the way. As packed at they were, they was not enough room for them all to move clear, and those that didn't appeared to dissolve as he ran by.

    Delenda was weary, but prayed to Rodcet for one final spell.

    As Kane nearly reached Delenda, he suddenly faltered and dropped his sword.

    'My eyes! I can't see!'

    Kane began to feel his way blindly in the general direction of Delenda.

    'Where are you cleric? I'll get you!'

    As he approached Delenda, Delenda quickly skirted to the side and drew his pocket knife. Getting behind Kane, he looked carefully above the line of Kane's breastplate.

    Delenda grabbed for the band around his neck and sliced it with his knife, pulling it free. Kane spun and backfisted him, causing Delenda to fall to the ground and slide several feet back.

    Kane turned toward Delenda, apparently starting to regain his vision, but Delenda had what he wanted. He focused on the broodmother, just sticking out of the wall. Spinning the corded amulet about his head, Delenda slung it at her open maw.

    As Delenda heard a squealing noise from its direction, he suddenly convulsed in agony and fell to his knees. Kane kicked Delenda in the ribs, causing him to slump to the ground.

    Delenda heard Kane muttering something that didn't sound too pleasant, and took two steps away to retrieve his sword.

    Delenda's vision was blurry and he could barely turn his head to see where Kane was, but instinctually turned onto his back to recoil from the pain. As Delenda flopped another foot away from Kane, he passed off into unconsciousness, with the last thing he heard being the sound of swarmlings feeding on something.

    Delenda was shaken awake, and gradually opened his eyes. He was still in the Blood Sabres' temple. He was still surrounded by insects. Kane Bayle was still next to him with his sword. But they were all dead.

    'Wake up, man.'

    Delenda glanced forward to see by his side was the monk he had revived earlier. Slowly Delenda realized there were Qeynos soldiers behind him. The captain came up to him, and said, 'I don't know what you did kid, but when that guy led us here, you had a ring of insects all looking at you, with that guy all chewed up on the edge of it, and that...thing...' He motioned at the broodmother. '..over there was a molten mess. Oh, and you were being guarded by grim reapers we had to hack past to reach you.''

    Delenda slowly got up and saw an oozy mess where the broodmother had been, that spread out from the wall, coating a few of the little bugs. The swarmlings nearest Delenda had been slashed apart and the farther ones had arrows sticking out between and through their chitinous plates.

    'Come on, someone wants to see you,' said the captain, and Delenda was helped out of the sewers and toward the city gate, where Vegalys was giving orders to the soldiers, with another more-important looking man next to him. Vegalys looked at the man and pointed at Delenda when he saw him. It was Antonius Bayle himself!

    Antonius walked to Delenda, and said to him, 'Were it not for the multiple reports I have received, from Vegalys, from your friends at the temple, from Sir Morgan's squire, from the soldiers who found you down in the sewers...I would never have believed your story. And my own brother, I thought he was capable of some treachery, but not this sort of treason.

    'You have shown bravery in peril, grace under fire, and done a service to this city the likes of which I have never seen from one man over such a brief period of time. The pox will run its course soon enough thanks to your friend Velarte, and the majority of the scourge that has attacked this city and the leadership behind it are now exterminated. On behalf of the people of this city, I am awarding you, Delenda, with the highest award that a citizen can receive - the Qeynos Badge of Honor.'

    Arazul glanced at the temple initiate and said, "and that is the end of a great tale about a cleric."

    As the crowd clapped, and Arazul flourished, one of the children at his feet tugged on his pantaloons and asked, "Did they live happily ever after?"

    Arazul smiled at her and said in his most endearing voice, "oh yes. And they lived happily ever after."


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