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    okay, now all of these experiences happened on my enchanter Omad, since I've had him for two years, and my cleric for only 1 so far, but still I dont want you old schoolers to laugh at me:

    I remember.....

    Being twinked by my 65 (at the time) ranger friend. He gave me a Siren Scale Robe and some other usless junk that I wouldn't even look twice at right now. (You can see all my old gear on my magelo under 'Back in the Day' alt profile)

    Getting power leveled (while learning the game) on Omad and wanting to attack the a sand giant in North Ro at level 6. My friend had to scream at me "NO!!!!!". Stick to the spiders and the other multi-legged things.

    Not wanting to go ANYWHERE to group without my ranger friend because I was a scared little wussy boy.

    Getting griefed trying to get to an LDoN back on Tallon Zek. This crazy ***** wouldnt let me pass until she killed me.

    The day I turned 46 on Omad, the first thing I did was go into Plane of Tranquility and just look around. I realized that all of the zone-ins for every single plane was viewable at 46, where I had originally thought that they were hidden until you were flagged.

    My first Justice Trial. Man that was crazy. I thought those mobs would just keep coming. But, I persevered through it, and we won. Valor here I come.

    My first MPG group. Those mobs run so fast, it's not even funny, and getting hit? no thanks, I dont like getting 1 rounded.

    My frist RSS group. These mobs hit harder than the ones in MPG...this is crazy!!! Hey, is that a glowing rune?

    Getting my spell book organized perfectly. I loved it, I had it all laid out perfectly. All in order of importance and level. It was beautiful.

    ------------ Okay, now time for Kaellon's good memories.

    I remember....

    Hitting 51 and starting my 1.0. Running all the way to the oasis in Timm Deep and thinking "GOD, they need to make this closer to a zone in."

    Camping Lord Begurgle and thinking..."Okay, in 2 mins, I'm gone. This is a load of crap.", and then he spawns. Kill him and get my crown and off I go to Nagy's Lair.

    Seeing that stupid Zordak Merchant spawn. I bought 5 statcks of Imbue Fire Opal, just because I never EVER wanted to wait for him again. I refused to, so I bought everything I ever thought I'd need off of him that day.

    Being in the hospital, talking with my mom, who was talking to my ranger friend on her cell phone. She put the phone to my ear (brain surgery has a way or limiting motor skills) and he told me that Kaellon, who was 62 when I entered the hospital, had a Plane of Time gimp key and was level 67. That was the first time I had smiled in 4 weeks.

    Leaving the hospital, logging into EQ, and /gu "Heyas guys. This is the REAL Omad." So many tells after that, they just couldn't believe it.

    Finishing Omad's 1.0, and only spending 45 mins in Hate to get the Essence of a Vampire, the rearest item in a chanter 1.0.

    Finishing Kaellon's 1.0. Finding the shards in 1 day. I was completely shocked. Every cleric I talked to said that it took them weeks to get that part done. Go back to Omat Vastsea to give him Zordak's Heart, seeing Jhassad Oceanson spawn, then seeing that stupid water elemental taking forever and a day to finally spawn back next to Jhassad Oceanson, handing in the newest bane of my existance, and getting my 1.0, and never taking the Curate title off.

    ------------ Okay, now a few geneeral ones

    Finally seeing the Plane of Time for the first time. God those mobs hit so fast and hard. Now they're pretty much wusses, but back then? OMG, big time hitters.

    Killing Tallon Zek that last time and seeing a Serpent of Vindication drop. None of the other enchanters wanted it, which shocked the hell out of me, so I walked over and took my nice 10dkp prize and have never taken it out of my inventory yet.

    (last but not least) Finishing for the first time, as a guild, the MPG Fear Raid trial. Seeing that 1/6th of the pizza slice on my cursor was better than any birthday, christmas, just cause gift I could ever ask for.

    Okay, I'm running out of dings.
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