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Thread: Undead Hunting Guide by level

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    skull2 Undead Hunting Guide by level

    Hello my fellow priests! I am currently a lvl 17 froglock cleric, and fairly well twinked. I have great stats and can melee or cast well. I am looking for an undead guide by level. I know I have seen one somewhere in the past but cant seem to find one now. I would like to know where I can hunt undead from lvl 5 on up. As clerics, with our undead dd spells, it seems that hunting undead would be the best way to go to level the fastest. So, if anyone has or would write a clerics guide to hunting the undead (by level) I am sure it would be much appreciated. I am thinking that soon I will hunt paineel guards (these ARE undead, right?) to about lvl 35 and then head to the burning woods where most stuff is undead or else the basement of unrest if I group. It would be nice to have alternatives though. Thanks for any help you can offer or advice. Feel free to email me also at with any undead hunting advice (no spam please).

    Holyhop, Cleric of Mithaniel Marr (forgive any spelling mistakes please).

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    did you want that by levle? and what about zones for hunting undead?

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    Default Both would be good

    Actually a guide as to what undead to hunt and in which zone per level of the priest. I want to mainly hunt undead for a while to make good use of the ward line of spells.

    Holyhop, A Froglok Priest on Ayonae Ro server

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    Well I can not help you much but I can do undead up until lvl 14

    Here is how I did it.

    Lvl 1-5 fought decaying skeletons in Field of bone.

    lvl 5-9 Still in field of bone, jumped to skeletons, militia skeletons, and scalebone skeletons

    lvl 9-14 Kurns, plain and simple, good skeleton killing area.

    Heard you should move to Befallen after that...but that is far as I can go for you sorry, I will update this as I level I guess.

    Your fellow undead blasting Froglok.

    Kroaktar - lvl 21 Froglok Cleric

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    Default Zoliden Angelblade

    I highly suggest you dont go around hunting undead...Worst way to gain levels because the undead that are gonna be your level by the time you are in your teens will always be bunched up so the others will agrro and if you find an undead mob that wandered off its probably too low for you....So im just saying stick with the old arse sitting and healing tanks...unless you wanna be a battle cleric and try to solo mobs..If so use hte old root/nuke then once root wears off cast blind and go out of melee range so that start running that gives you time to med unless you wanna fear em..and if you want a guide to regular mobs i can give it to you......

    1-14 East Commons
    15-24 Paludal Caverns...If you dont have Luclin then hunt gorge hounds near the Gorge of king Xorbb in East Karana.
    25-50 Highkeep....If you dont want to be cramped up stay in High Keep till 29 as I did then go buy your spells and go to Dawnshroud Peaks on Luclin good xp till around
    29-38 Dawnsrhoud if you dont have Luclin then crap lol forgot.....Well just stay in highkeep till 50 thats about all i can tell you Sorry I couldnt give anymore info
    ~Zoliden Angelblade~29th Circle High Elven Cleric of Tunare
    mess with me and ill undead dd your ass/eek

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    Default new undead hunting in LOY

    As soon as you zone into the gulg of whatever bind yourself in the town (or get the soulbinder to do it in the windmill if ayou are not a cleric). After that take a dive off the cliff into the water to the right of the bridge you crossed when getting off the boat. Have your undead spells ready cause the beach is crawling with them! They were all light blue to my lvl 47 enchantress and my lvl 45 Pally buddy so I recomend lvl
    35-43 for the best exp, might be a little off though. But besides the fact that the mobs are easy, (my animation could take em on alone), the loot there is pretty damn good for undeads. I've had black pearls and emeralds drop off the pirates and all the common weapon drops are worth 3-6pp if you have good charisma gear.

    And gating to the bind spot is easy since it's in the same zone. No load times and mobs cant get up there. All the merchants are beta neutral, I ran around in water elemental and garou form most of the time with no hassles. So not only will you be getting great exp but you can easily mine and sell, mine and sell. very few places offer both easy exp and easy loot/selling chances. I would say RM but I think the exp there sucks and everyone is competeing for the same mobs.

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    Ok, I have been really bored today. It may be Friday night to everyone else, but it is just another day in my work schedule. 4 more get up's and I get to go home..hehe. I did a bunch of trolling thru every board I could find. These are my results for hunting undead. I have personally soloed all but Katta, City of Mist, and Scarlet Desert. Granted, I am 1/1 for 2 fights in Kith at night.

    5-15? Befallen
    15-21 Kurn's Tower
    20-30 LOIO Skeleton Camp
    15-40 Unrest
    25-45 Tower of Frozen Shadow
    35-45 Kithicor (at night)
    35-45 Katta Graveyard
    40-45? Dreadlands Skeleton Camp
    40-50 Spectres (Feerrott, Oasis, Ocean of Tears, Qeynos Catacombs)
    30-55 Lower Guk Dead Side
    40-55 City of Mist (some live, mostly undead)
    45-55 Burning Wood
    50-60 Scarlet Desert
    50-60 The Grey
    55-60 Charasis

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    Default Thank You!

    Thank you Phixin and everyone else that replied. I gotta say, I am glad you were bored Phixin! This is just the information I was looking for. I am lvl 23 (almost 24 ATM) and the loio skellies are good exp and fun to hunt with my expulse spell. I can't wait til I ding to use the dismiss undead spell next. I love it! Thanks again for donating your information and the time it took to gather it, it is much appreciated.

    A Battle Priest Froglok

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    I solo'd my way to 50 back in the day, mostly on undead...

    Levels 8-14 Befallen
    Levels 15-19 Sro
    Levels 20-24 Lavastorm/Najena (not undead )
    Levels 25-36 Rathe Mountains
    Levels 37-40 Rathe Mountains/Feerrott Specs
    Levels 41-50 Dreadlands NE corner/Burning Woods/TT

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    Default For those going to LOIO

    Specific to the skelly camp in LOIO, the skelly camp I found was West of the "windmill". I was 27 (yes, I said was...I'm back to 26, but I'll tell you how later.) and pulled for a few minutes before having to log. In the few minutes I was there I noted a couple of things.

    First, I outran a mob's aggro radius and therefore they stopped following me. I was overwhelmed on one pull, and had to hightail it. I ran by the windmill and turned around to look, mobs. Then a friend informed me that the aggro following radius of mobs in Kunark is smaller than elsewhere. Interesting...but I have no proof of that. (Note, I had a SoW. Don't expect this to work if you don't. Heck, in fact, don't count it as gospel either. I can't confirm that it's true or it was just a pathing bug. It's just something that happened to me while there. But if it's true, it beats running all the way to the zone, which is a goodly distance.)

    Second, this area has wandering Iksar Pariahs, so you have to watch what you are doing. I had gone through the tedious process of using calm on all the skellys in the ruins, did my single pull, and whap(!) pariah shows up causing me to have to run.

    A few suggestions:

    If you take the Firona Vie PoK book to get to LOIO, make sure to stay at the entrance of the tunnel with the Iksar statues for a moment, scan the area and be ready to hit Divine Aura at a moment's notice. This 18 second spell will save your life. I came out of the tunnel like a steam engine, turned to the left to follow the wall, and crack(!) a drachnid started laying in to me. I did not have SoW up (buy some sow potions) and got lost in the tunnels trying to get back to the PoK book. That equaled death (hence I'm 26 again). I don't think the wall is a safe place in FV like other zones. That drachnid would have walked right over the steps to the tunnel entrance even had I not been there.

    Have Divine Aura (DA) memmed at all times. Yes, it takes 15 mins to light up after memming it, but if you never take it out, that shouldn't be a problem. NOTE that you CAN NOT cast while under the effects of DA. You can only use it to run. Therefore...

    Have SoW. Bite the bullet and go buy sow potions. As much as I hate paying for SoW, it's better than dying, and is a small price to pay if you are really intent on soloing. Sow potions are not insta-cast. You'd better suck it down before hand. At least have sow available until you know the zone better.

    Well, these are I'm sure pretty noobish to some, but I hope they help a young cleric out who wants to make a go of this LOIO skelly camp.
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    Just to add to Phixin's excellent post for the final few levels...

    58-60 (alternative):- Vampyre bats in Maiden's Eye
    61:- Skeletal Drudges in Maiden's Eye
    62-63:- Reanimated Drudges in Maiden's Eye
    64:- Coterie Legionnaires and Centurions in Maiden's Eye(these flurry and lifetap); Xi Xaui (these are casters and a pain in the neck, but dark blue and soloable)
    65:- A valorous spirit in Halls of Honor. The light coloured ones, not the dark ones which are called A valiant spirit.

    For those with good Chardok faction, it is also possible to solo the Enslaved and Tortured Iksar Miners deep in Chardok from 62 onwards. These are still dark blue at 65.

    Edit: Removed enrage warnings which were no longer accurate; corrected spellings.
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    skull1 Re: Undead Hunting Guide by level

    I am back playing EQ again after years away. Tried a lot of other games, but EQ is still my favorite.

    I think it is time to update this guide, don't you?

    I was surprised that there are now 14 expansions! So much has changed since I used to play in the old days. I leveled up a cleric and druid to 48 and 49. Both have mounts and hunt together (2 accounts).

    My cleric kicks arse when hunting undead with the druid dotting and nuking. With all the new places to hunt, are there any new undead hunting grounds? I really like places where we can use the mounts to med faster. So, what are your suggestions for new undead hunting spots from Lvl 48-80? Please share your hot spots with us and bring this guide up to date. Thank you in advance, to anyone that contributes.

    Here is what I discoverd so far:

    Lvl 1-25 Crescent Reach - Gotta love this place. Undead on the third floor, ogre skellys at the farm, and then the caves of Nok in Crescent Reach past the farm.

    30-35 There is a single shade in the bog of Blightfire moors that has a fast respawn timer due to being a quest mob which was the fastest xp I have gotten so far! Might want to grab some cloudy pots to get past the Shambling mounds. I bound near this shade and just ran out to the PoK book nearby when I was ready to leave.

    35-40+? The Dark Tower in Blightfire moors - start with the accursed lookouts, then Watchtower guards and the 2 captains (these captains drop an item that vendors for over 100pp even with my Dwarf Charisma). You could also do the quest for the undead quest guy near the rats and ghostwolves. Once you trigger the undead to spawn from the quest, you can kill them all day long and get some fast xp.

    I went to Dranik's scar to try the Murkgliders but my undead spells did not work on the one I tried. There are lots of non undeads to hunt though from about 46-50+ Not sure how high this goes and it is easy to get to through the PoD. I am at lvl 48 now and not sure where to go next. CoM is good but not much room to run. I guess I will head to Burning Woods for the undead monkies, but there are so many adds there...I am scared - LOL.

    So what sweet undead soloing spots have ya found in the new expanstions? I have not done any Ldon's but I know there are lots of undead in them, ya gotta have a group tho.

    Born again as a Dwarf named Tundir.
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    Default Re: Undead Hunting Guide by level

    Welcome back to the Ranks. As for spots to hunt undead in the new expansions, I am not a good source of information. I have not been too active in the game due to RL obligations.

    Just really wanted to wish you a WELCOME Home!!

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    Default Re: Undead Hunting Guide by level

    in 2003 I din't ever know that EQ exists lol. Welcome Back!
    I am not good at writing guides but with the release of the TSS expansion we received a new spell line called Vow of Valor(lvl 71,Victory at lvl 76). Now it is much easier to solo mobs and its not necessary to kill undead. I went from lvl 77 to 79 by killing bugs, crows and scarecrows in the farm in DSH and doing quests for the Ak'Anon Strike Force V faction(I wanted VoV rk II so much hehe)

    Nevertheless, you can try killing undead murks in WoS (lvl 65) then Arcstone(lvl 70) and then move to Direwind(75) at lvl 80 I would suggest the grave yard next to the HoS zone in in the Looping planes.

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    Default Re: Undead Hunting Guide by level

    Hey gang,, I just came back too.

    Looking at the hotzones, Currently head to Crypt of Decay in POP and fight hte undead there if you are level 60-68.

    You can solo them with a tank mercenary.

    I am a 65 cleric,, and my duo partner is my buddy arathiel who is a 64 paladin.

    Him and i are both going all undead AA's as we like to venture around and search for the non living buggers.

    There is also a camp of undead in Stoneroot Falls another hotzone, but be ready for them to come in pairs of three. Better wait till your 66-69 before you try these.

    I am doing my research on higher level undead zones, and let me tell you,, there's enough here to keep us content
    Frodster Frodling
    65 Cleric (combine Server)
    65 paladin Rodcet


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