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Thread: Where to Fight (lvl 40 - 50)

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    I have been doing nothing but LDON to level. As long as the group doesn't have someone too low in level and as long as you are in a high risk ldon, the xp is very good. If you are gong to get a high risk one i recommend getting a collect only if you are concerned with making sure you complete the mission for the points. The 2 or 3 non-collect high missions that I've done have been a failure.
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    Nurga! I went there at 49, fresh ding too, (yes grouped with a few folks from the guild) and nailed 50 within about a couple of hours. Awesome super fast exp. No deaths either!
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    I didnt read all the posts so if this was mentioned already my bad.

    Veksar's = Lots of undead and decent rate of named spawns one you start clearing some area's.

    Location = Lake of Ill Omen - goto center of water and dive down. There will be a bulding there .. on the bottom of the west side of the building is an opening guarded by 3 blood gill muaraders. Go in at that spot and welcome to Veksar's.

    XP isnt to bad and but beware alot of the mobs here summon once you have damaged them so I would recommend pulling with DD spells... I learned that the hard way but I lived.

    For the 61-65 clerics this area isnt to bad solo XP either. I invised in then invis verse undead past the light blue undead. Got down past the underwater path and camped the first room and the 2 rooms off of that. Total of like 20 spawns worth of mobs and got one named in an hour on first respawn no less. You can get an AA every 2 hours or so depending on how fast and good you are. Coin isnt to bad either as I made nearly 6plat a mob not to mention selling of weapons.

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    Go to gunthak. I went from 39 to 47 with my war there. With my 44 war my wife as a 43 rouge and a 45 cleric we were clearing the boat. After about 3 hours there we had goten a lvl and had a 1K+ split. Grab thos Dimond and Blue Dimond drops they rock.

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    50% through 45 atm
    Tried COM nice exp but don't know zone very well Zone in has alot more live mobs than I remeber. Some of the stuff there hits very hard. Where would i try too solo there.
    CC turned green at 45.
    Think about spectres any advice which zone?
    Ferrott, oasis, qeynos, and OOT did i miss any?

    Katta graveyard was tough at 44 some times hard not too get adds when getting them too pop.
    Would inviso undead work?

    45 and KEI makes life easier you don't lose 1/3 of Kei trying to geta group or get too soloing spot.

    at 46 should I go too planes like POJ? will my healing be enough at 46 or will i be wasting my time?

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    Tried spectres in qeynos. Had too run a few times but killed 3 and that damn guards light blue too me.
    Yes the spectres die with 3 banish undead. They seem too break root alot. They are kinda close together once camp is broke it should be easy. Getting singles will take practice but the exp is nice nearly 2% at 45.

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    Been a while since anyone posted in here... was wondering where the best place to find people to group with from 40-45 is... Was at OT to 39.. solo'ed in Gunthak for Temp spell to 40...

    Last time I leveled a toon People were still in LGuk and SolB.

    I thought DL would be the place but there were 6 people there on my server... where is everyone now?

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    On my server, DL or KC are both great xp at that level..... when there are folks there. Dulak also is pretty good. Would also suggest Ldons... NRo to be specific so you can get points for BoT (Blessing of Temperance) spell....

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    Someone may want to delete ^ post and their other one. I don't think they have anything better to do than troll the boards and hi-jack threads.


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    Sheesh, can't we just have a board bot to auto DNS these asshats when they post this crap here?
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    Default Gorucar

    Gour'kar Mesa

    Hot Zone as of the day I'm writing this.

    Good from 35ish up to probably 50 or 55. Bears and Wolfs at 35-40+. Shiny Bear Tooth sell for about 25pp. Slice of Pancreas sell for like 35pp.

    Currently at 41, I'm pulling a full load of wolfs or bears (5-6) all blue/light blue, and am getting 8%-10% exp by the time they are dead. Good for a couple of minutes.

    Mid 40s and you'll want to move up to giants. Drop between a few silver and 30 or so plat. My 46 druid is there and looks to probably be there for at least 7 more levels.

    Good to great armor quest avalable from Scout Madu.

    Great armor drops also available.

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