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Thread: Where to Fight (lvl 30 - 40)

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    glad your enjoying your cleric ;-)

    and welcome tot he site!

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    Well, xp seemed to slow down in OT, maybe it was because everybody moved on to the new hotspots and I wasn't killing as fast. I went to Gunthak and played around there on the beach, but xp was pretty slow, last time I was there it must have been a hotzone. While I was there, I got a tell on my beastlord to group in The Hole (36 beastlord and cleric was 33). Joined a group and xp was good. They soon left but I stayed to feel it out some. Held the entrance and timed the spawns really well, leveled both once and will head back eventually this weekend.

    BTW I logged on my SK and cleared the Dandolak's Run boat in Dulak many times but never got a drop for the Deepwater Emblem. Finally moved to Lady Di and it dropped on third kill, so I already have Temperance. All ready to go til 45 on spells.


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