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Thread: Where to Fight (lvl 20 - 30)

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    how come i didnt see any mention lower echo caverns?? isnt it hot spot now??
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    kirryinia said in post #47 :
    how come i didnt see any mention lower echo caverns?? isnt it hot spot now??

    While the zone itself has an experience mod it is not a Hot zone now... below is new hot zones

    Newest Hotzones

    * Level 20: Najena
    * Level 25: Iceclad Ocean
    * Level 30: Rathe Mountains
    * Level 35: Frontier Mountains
    * Level 40: Gulf of Gunthak
    * Level 45: Velketor's Labrynth
    * Level 50: Fungus Grove
    * Level 55: Old Sebilis
    * Level 60: Cazic Thule

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    Default Loot and Cash

    I know this is the 20-30, but it's a hard to split it up.

    I just cruised from 15-35 in about 4 hours. Specifically 10-20+ in the Cresent Reach, and 20+ to 35 in Blighfire Moors.

    The puma caves in CR and then the Skellys on the far end of the zone.

    Gnolls in the moors and then pumas in the moors. Very fast spawn, and easy with a tank merc to collect up.

    Good loot drop, and cash drop both.

    Doing by best to stay with even to -1 or -2 con mobs. They go down fast, and have plenty of exp. You can get close to the same exp over time with yellows, but the number of kills per time is less, so the loot and coin opportunities per level are less.

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