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Thread: Where to Fight (lvl 20 - 30)

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    Well all this is well and good, but I am only lvl 12...I am hunting in Kurns, is there a better place to hunt...mind you I am very new to the game, so I dont know abbreviations yet

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    Check out this thread. Kurns is pretty awsome exp.

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    Dinosaur Popped over to Maris Seru at 20

    Yuk although I could solo there the difference in hit points for "white" kills meant I was getting a pretty low xp to time ratio. After an hour I gave it up as a bad thing and headed back to OT. (Also tried a "white" con netherbian drone and it was a futile battle as its regen and resists meant I was hardly touching it and even had to zone!)

    Within the same time when I arrived back in OT I gained literally 4 times the xp and dinged 21.

    As I did with my SK, I realise that MS is only good to fill in the gap once you are c25 and the East Gate xp in OT has dried up but you are not strong enough to take on the North Gate 30+ mobs.

    Just a bit of info for others of like level.

    BTW I love OT not only cos of the mobs/xp but because of close proximity to PoK book and Bank/Vendors
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    Default Re: Where to Fight (lvl 20 - 30)

    Lillyy said in post #10 :
    Luclin Mar Sue think the name, my mage was soloing reds and yellows there 3 nukes mob was running. Kei and get sow potions. Made 3 lvls in 30mins
    This must be failing memory on your mages part. You never made 3 levels in 30 minutes in Marus Seru. KEI and SOW potions are implying you are soloing? The only way to make 3 levels in 30 minutes is to get power leveled in some manner. Meaning you had major assistance from some uber char outside of your class. But you still wouldn't do 3 levels in Marr in 30 minutes unless you had like a full raid group of chanters lining mobs up for you to tag. So lets assume you were joking and your posts dont really have any meaning at all. I think your story read more like this.

    1. I made level 1-3 in 30 minutes as a noob.
    2. I like kei and sow when i can get them for free.
    3. I wish I could solo reds and yellows with three nukes like the better wizzies. Resists? what are those?
    4. My uber cleric behaves just like my level 30 mage did. I don't know why but all my friend die.

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    Default Re: Where to Fight (lvl 20 - 30)

    Padual Caverns in Luclin seems to be pretty good for early 20s. Get in a bandit camp. Should gain 4-5 levels in as many hours and the bandits regularly drop platinum and semi-decent loot including spell components.

    Just make sure you get the platinum share at the end of the group if you care about an even split. As a tank I regularly give plat and loot to casters who choose to med over looting. I think its better for everyone if the casters med rather than worry about their fair share.

    Also, PC is full of Creeping Crud so clerics are popular there for their cure disease.

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    Default Re: Where to Fight (lvl 20 - 30)

    Hello all,
    I am new to the forum and so far love all the info I am getting! Currently my husband and I (him being the 27 warrior that ribbits all the time and I would be the High Elven Cleric that keeps him from death's door of course ) are hunting in Echo Caverns killing the needlites, the experience is pretty good and if you time it right you have just enough time to med back to full between spawns. (The loot is ok about average for the level)
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    Default Re: Where to Fight (lvl 20 - 30)

    From 20-24 I fought in Paludal. Sorry, I'm a KEI jukie which sometimes made my job kinda boring. I found myself nuking a lot and still having plenty of mana to heal a lot. I got 4 levels very quick there. Then it was suggested I moved on to either Lake of Ill Omen or Unrest for 25+. Considering I couldn't find a group in LoIO (maybe bad time of day) and I died twice on the way to and in Unrest, I was a little annoyed. I do like Unrest though. Maybe cause its the perfect Cleric/Pala playground As long as you know how and when to run.

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    Default Re: Where to Fight (lvl 20 - 30)

    I stayed in PC until I was 26 (probably a little too long but the loot is good) then went off to check out Unrest and High Keep. Both were a long walk but both were fun. I also checked out Nexus->Shadow Haven->Echo Caverns hunting mutants and named folks. The named folks drop good lore items which can be sold or used. Torin's Choker and Crinthia's Ring are both very good items.

    In the end though I settled in Nexus(N)->Netherbian Lair->Marus Seru killing rock hoppers and stone guys until level 30. The loot in Marus Seru is really bad, although the rare iron oxide, rune or word occasionally drops. To make up for the bad loot I farmed some spider silk and bone chips in the Field of Bone at the end of each session and then stood in the bazaar when I was AFK.

    I prefer Marus Seru for its proximity to the Bazaar, Nexus and PoK. Dawn Shroud Peaks is also good when you get closer to 30 and if you can see in the dark I hear Netherbian Lair is ok in the mid 20s.

    When I do head off to Unrest for a cathartic cleansing I take some blood of wolf with me to shorten the trip. All reports say that High Keep is fun with a good group but that walk is a killer.

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    twirl Re: Where to Fight (lvl 20 - 30)

    I ramped my necro in Paludal Caverns till 22, then Marus Seru to 30, then LOIO to 32 (yeah, sarnak fort, it's EASY killing for a necr.

    My DEF cleric did up to level 25 in the old world, killing in HHP and HHK and then hashing it out with a group in Sol A. I find that these days old world dungeons are REALLY empty, save for the occasional farmer here and there.

    My friend and I are contemplating Unrest. You can get to level 40 there with little problems, provided you are/have a good puller.

    ALSO - hunting Inkie guards in Nek is fun.

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    Default Re: Where to Fight (lvl 20 - 30)

    Paludal is the best XP from 15 to 24...some would even say 25. If you can deal with the morons, greedy bastards and KSers, it's the zone for you. Well, those are the problems if you're at the bandit camps...and face it, most people want the bandit camps for the coin loot, armor drops (to use or sell), and the ease of killing the mobs. The Shik'nars further up the tunnels are decent XP, and a few of the pieces they drop stack and aren't bad vendor trash.

    After 24, you have a few options.

    Marus Seru: a boon to all of the night-blind, and is easy to pull/fight in.

    Lake of Ill Omen: you can fight/kill the wanderers, or join a group in the sarnak fort; here you can continue your education in trash-talk in /ooc, as well as derailing other people's trains

    Netherbian Lair: kill the Netherbians, Troglodytes or Fungoids; any night-blind race won't like it here, most likely

    Echo Caverns: enter the zone from Shadow Haven, and hunt either the needlites (as mentioned), or the mutants (body parts stack and sell for plat to the vendors) and the named folks if you're in the higher 20s; watch out for the gnome wizard (major undercon), or be wary of pulling both Darian the PReacher and Crynthia (barbarian female) at the same time...they'll heal each other

    South Karana: the avocets and gnolls are all viable with a group; if you're of an evil bent and/or don't care if you can't ever set foot in Qeynos again, you can kill treants, too

    Lake Rathetear: the gnolls and undead near the zone to South Karana are good to hunt for most of these levels; the Skull of Jehn'tra drops off of one of the mobs here (for the untwinked, a decent item)

    Lair of the Splitpaw/Infected Paw: mid to high 20s with a good group will rock here; good place to learn crowd control and other "essentials" for later on in your career

    Stonebrunt Mountains: easier to get to now than before with the addition of a port, in the low 20s you can hunt the koblds close to the Warrens, and later on you can move to the altitudes and hunt the highland kobolds; they drop etched iron armor (plate armor with a +1 to +2 SVM on each piece, black in appearance) sometimes, as well as FS weapons)

    Clan Runnyeye: Not an easy zone and potentially dangerous if you're grouped with morons; some of the better drops in the old world at this level come from here

    Tower of Frozen Shadow: the bottom level, possibly even the second floor (once you get the key) are great places to hunt in the high 20s; again, not a zone to be grouped with a moron

    Najena: The front mobs will be green to you, but further back will be some you can hunt; various tradeskill components drop in this zone, as well

    Solusek Ro: gobbies, gobbies and more gobbies...some see through invis, so forget the subtle and fight your way in and then back out; FS drops, decent coin, occasional beginner gems

    I highly recommend going to EQ Atlas and print out maps and/or look up specific zone information. The site also has a basic hunting guide, sorted by level and also sorted by zone (alphabetically).
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    Default Re: Where to Fight (lvl 20 - 30)

    Lol old world - Unrest, Everfrost, front mobs of Mistmoore

    groupage - why bother (hehe)

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    Default Re: Where to Fight (lvl 20 - 30)

    This is what I did while soloing undead in Rathe Mountains .

    I soloed Giant Skeletons in Rathe Mountains at level 24. My main Spells were Dismiss Undead, Celestial Remedy, Healing, Spook the dead, Undead DOT (name escapes me ATM), Sense the Dead, and Flash of Light. I normally would start at the Rathear Lake zone in where there is a hill with Cyclops and Giant Skeletons. Then once this area was clear I would move over to the Skeletons were at a deserted druid ring is. I had to insert “Calm” into my spell line up to help pull singles though I did get adds more then I would of liked. I also would venture over to where the Hill Giants spawned though I had to be on my toes at all times. I would kill any skeleton that conned yellow or below.

    My technique would be to melee initially and then FOL the skeleton (or spook) and nuke it as it runs off and as it returns I would not root because FOL was less manna and somewhat more reliable (though sometimes resisted). These skeletons have very low HPs and do not hit very often. At times, I would pull with the Undead DOT and melee longer or for the entire fight. I have 187 wisdom and this method normally only took a bulb and a half to finish one fight.

    The XP is pretty darn good and while the loot wasn't terrible it wasn't uber either. One of the benefits to hunting in Rathe Mountains is there are alot of players who would leave weapons to rot on the deceased giants. I would normally not attempt to loot until the corpse had about 2 minutes or less. Only on one occasion did a player get upset but I simply offered them the item (s) which were on the corpse. For the most part if you wait as long as I did you will not have a problem and the weapons sell for 4 to 6 pp each. Still not sure why are spells are so expensive compared to some of the other classes?

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    Default Re: Where to Fight (lvl 20 - 30)

    Paludal Caverrns are incredible exp but the leveling is so fast that your other skills may get left behind. In the old world South Karana is still good too. When grouping is needed try a group at the birds. There is usually only one group going there so exp should be decent. If you want to solo you can pluck them one at a time from there with little fear of adds if set up in the normal areas. You can also solo the Hermit. He is level 20 and I believe a ranger. (If you can't kill a ranger at that level what can you kill?) JK, don't send the flames about rangers can this and rangers can that. The point is he is not too tough. You will get about half a blue bubble per kill. His spawn rate is quite quick, either 3 or 6 mins. Probably 6 cause it was standard for most old world outside but I can't remember his specifically. But while medding you will see the message "A hermit begins to cast a spell" so you will know he spawned. Just pull him out of the hut. There is a Tesh Mas Gnoll that comes through at each kill it seems. If you had to tangle with him at 20 I think you would get the short end of the stick.

    When you have had enough of him there is always Paw in a group. Bedroom groups will start up around low to mid 20's and go up to the mid to high 30's depending on the individual and how far you pull from. Some fear that dungeon but I hold it dear. I have seen god aweful trains in there but only after some one did something completely stupid. There is great experience and fun to be had in there.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________

    This needs to be appended. The hermit was changed in the last patch 8-26-03. I went back to check him out. He is now no longer in the house. Still residing with in the walls around the house but behind the house with 2 pets now. His pets are wolf pups. When hailed he told my high elf cleric to get lost or his pets would get me. So I conned them...dark blue at 23 just like him. I figured i would pull him out and at worst I would root each pup outside and kill him then go on to them...bonus right? NOPE I told him the key phrase, don't know why must be habit. I lean closer to him and whisper to him,"I KILL YOU". I run for the door and he takes off after me with pups in hot persuit. Well those pups tore me up. With a 680 ac they were hittin me for 18-42hp each hit and I think they were double hitting. It is hard to tell because there were 2 of them. Between 2pups and one hermit i was at 65% health as I was opening the door to leave. I had run there under sow so I figured there was no sense in wasting it. I ran for the Lake Rathe zone. For a bit there at least one of the pups stayed with me still biting me in the arse. Eventually I out ran it. I entered Lake Rathe with 35% health. I don't think it would be wise to solo there. Maybe with a good tank you could duo there.
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    Default Re: Where to Fight (lvl 20 - 30)

    113.30% Befallen Antonica
    113.30% Paludal Caverns Luclin
    113% Crushbone Faydwer
    100% High Keep Antonica
    100% Upper Guk Antonica
    100% Kurn's Tower Kunark
    100% The Warrens Odus
    75% North Ro Antonica
    75% Oasis of Marr Antonica
    73.30% Najena Antonica
    73.30% Solusek's Eye Antonica
    73.30% The Estate of Unrest Faydwer
    58.70% Plane of Innovation PoP
    58.70% Plane of Justice PoP
    58.70% Plane of Nightmare PoP
    58.70% Plane of Storms PoP
    58.70% Plane of Torment PoP
    58.70% Plane of Valor PoP
    58.70% Ruins of Lxanvom PoP
    46.70% Kaesora Kunark
    33.30% Blackburrow Antonica
    33.30% Gukta, Outpost of Marr Antonica
    33.30% Halas Antonica
    33.30% Neriak, Commons Antonica
    33.30% Neriak, Foreign Quarter Antonica
    33.30% Neriak, Third Gate Antonica
    33.30% North Freeport Antonica
    33.30% Ogguk Antonica
    33.30% Rivervale Antonica
    33.30% Runny Eye Antonica
    33.30% Surefall Glade Antonica
    33.30% Ak'Anon Faydwer
    33.30% Felwithe Faydwer
    33.30% Kedge Keep Faydwer
    33.30% Veksar Kunark
    33.30% Shadow Haven Luclin
    33.30% Ssraeshza Temple Luclin
    20% Permafrost Antonica
    20% Splitpaw Lair Antonica
    20% Castle Mistmoore Faydwer
    20% Acrylia Caverns Luclin
    20% Grieg's End Luclin
    20% Umbral Plains Luclin
    20% Kerra Isle Odus
    20% Sleeper's Tomb Velious
    13.30% Temple of Cazic Thule Antonica
    13.30% Charasis Kunark
    13.30% Chardok Kunark
    13.30% City of Mist Kunark
    13.30% Karnor's Castle Kunark
    13.30% Sebilis Kunark
    13.30% Crypt of Nadox LoY
    13.30% Dulak's Harbor LoY
    13.30% The Gulf of Gunthak LoY
    13.30% Torgiran Mines LoY
    13.30% Akheva Ruins Luclin
    13.30% Katta Castellum Luclin
    13.30% Sanctus Seru Luclin
    13.30% The Deep Luclin
    13.30% Crystal Caverns Velious
    13.30% Dragon Necropolis Velious
    13.30% Icewell Keep Velious
    13.30% Kael Drakkel Velious
    13.30% Siren's Grotto Velious
    13.30% Skyshrine Velious
    13.30% Thurgadin Velious
    13.30% Tower of Frozen Shadow Velious
    13.30% Velketor's Labyrinth Velious
    6.70% Highpass Hold Antonica
    6.70% Lower Guk Antonica
    6.70% Nagafen's Lair Antonica
    6.70% Skyfire Mountains Kunark
    6.70% Echo Caverns Luclin
    6.70% Griming Forest Luclin
    6.70% Netherbian Lair Luclin
    6.70% Western Wastes Velious
    0% East Commons Antonica
    0% East Freeport Antonica
    0% East Karana Antonica
    0% Everfrost Antonica
    0% Gorge of King Xorbb Antonica
    0% Innothule Swamp Antonica
    0% Jaggedpine Antonica
    0% Kithikor Woods Antonica
    0% Lake Rathe Antonica
    0% Lavastorm Mountains Antonica
    0% Misty Thicket Antonica
    0% Nektulos Antonica
    0% North Karana Antonica
    0% North Qeynos Antonica
    0% Qeynos Hills Antonica
    0% Rathe Mountains Antonica
    0% South Karana Antonica
    0% South Ro Antonica
    0% The Feerrott Antonica
    0% West Commonlands Antonica
    0% West Freeport Antonica
    0% West Karana Antonica
    0% Butcherblock Mountains Faydwer
    0% Dagnor's Cauldron Faydwer
    0% Greater Faydark Faydwer
    0% Lesser Faydark Faydwer
    0% Steamfront Mountains Faydwer
    0% Stonebrunt Mountains Faydwer
    0% Burning Woods Kunark
    0% Dreadlands Kunark
    0% Emerald Jungle Kunark
    0% Field of Bone Kunark
    0% Fironia Vie Kunark
    0% Frontier Mountains Kunark
    0% Swamp of No Hope Kunark
    0% The Overthere Kunark
    0% Trakanon's Teeth Kunark
    0% Warsliks Woods Kunark
    0% Dawnshroud Peaks Luclin
    0% Fungus Grove Luclin
    0% Hollowshade Moor Luclin
    0% Marus Seru Luclin
    0% Mons Letalis Luclin
    0% Scarlet Desert Luclin
    0% Shadweaver's Thicket Luclin
    0% Shar Vhal Luclin
    0% Tenebrous Mountains Luclin
    0% The Maiden's Eye Luclin
    0% Twilight Sea Luclin
    0% Paineel Odus
    0% Stonebrunt Mountains Odus
    0% Toxxulia Forest Odus
    0% Cobalt Scar Velious
    0% Eastern Wastes Velious
    0% Great Divide Velious
    0% Iceclad Ocean Velious
    0% Wakening Lands Velious
    -13.30% The Grey Luclin
    -14.30% Lake of Ill Omen Kunark

    0% indicates no experience bonus
    -% indicates experience penalty
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    Default Re: Where to Fight (lvl 20 - 30)

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the needlite camp in Echo Caverns for high 20s. This is especially good if you can find a friend who can cast a damage shield on you.

    The needlites are good xp in the high 20s. The loot is nothing to write home about, but the needlites are absolutely awesome for getting your melee skills up to snuff. They hit a LOT but don't hit for a great deal of damage per hit. If you have a damage shield on, you will get offense points from being hit. Stay here a couple levels and you will soon max both your offense and defense melee skills.


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