Ahoy Fellow Clerics!

So you just started a Cleric, and got no friends to help you do that, Oh so godlike, powerleveling?

I will try to walk you through places, where you can solo and/or Molo (Merc Solo - Clever, eh?). I will specify the the places with undead mobs, where you can hunt, and not so much the Hotzones (more bellow).

The General Killing Tactic

The Tank Mercenary is just really powerful, and with your ability to heal and DPS, you got a quite solid combo for quite some time. He does eat up some exp, but the kill-rate vs. Solo kill-rate makes up for this in a heartbeat.

  • Single-Target Killing:

The way to approach this is pretty simple. Right-click your own name (with the merc out) and make yourself Main Assist. Then just target a mob and throw a nuke at it. The mercenary will then promptly, sprint towards the mob and tag it. You can then nuke away or let him kill it for you.

  • "AoE Grinding"

This is somewhat risky approach, but can be very rewarding if you pull it off. You will need, at least, the level 9 "Word of Pain" spell to do it. Get the newer PBAoE whenever you can. You can find a list of Cleric Spells Here

What you do is pull a mob with Strike and kite them. Get a total 4 or 5 (depending on how much you can handle) and then send in the mercenary (Look at tip's bellow) tab through the mobs and let the mercenary build some aggro. When you think he got sufficient aggro go into the middle and spam your PBAoE. If you catch aggro, back off, target the mob you got aggro from and let the mercenary get some aggro on it, heal yourself if it's necessary, and head back in. Back off between cooldowns.

Tip: When you're pulling, have the mercenary settings to "Passive". And once you got your mobs gathered, set the mercenary option to "Aggressive". He will then charge in. Just tab target till the mercenary picked up all the mobs and let him build some aggro.

General Information

If you're not fussed about, being a strictly "Undead-Killing-Machine-Cleric" type person, i would advise you to talk to "Franklin Teek" just outside the Guild Lobby in Plane of Knowledge. He will give you the current hotzone for your level. You can see which zone is the current Hotzone Here.
Generally, it doesn't matter which mobs you kill in hotzones. They will all wield great experience.

Tip: Try and avoid mixing up zones every 5 level. My personal experience is that if you found a good place to exp, stay there for 7 - 10 levels. This will net you more exp/hr than traveling around, finding a zone, clearing to camp and so on. If it works, don't fix it

And ofcourse, if you're hunting the Undead type mobs, make sure you got the most up-to-date Undead nuke and/or DoT.

Level 1 through 10

If you opt to start in Glooming Depths, to get an idea what you're doing, you're generally just going to want to take the quests from the various NPC's, and complete them. The quests will state location and mob types you need to kill. So should be straight forward, till about level 10.

If you opt to start in Cresent Reach, which would be the better place for leveling, you wan't to do a few things before you start your killing spree:

  • Make sure you got "Seeds of Destruction" expansion.

  • Head to Plane of Knowledge, and talk to any Liason and purchase a Journeyman I Tank mercenary (Female Halflings are just better!)

  • If you got a few plats, head to Bazaar and purchase some "Crude Defiant Plate ___" Armor. I got a whole set for about 60 Plat. Don't spend too much on it though, you will outgrow it fast.

  • Get your spells from 1 - 10 from Quelor (Shows up in find window (CTRL + F)). Your nuke spells are first priority.

  • If you have any Veteran Claim's available, i would suggest you get either Desert Kangon Saddle or Verdent Hedgelow Leaf. These are mounts, that adds 300hp/300mana to your character. Huge boost in survivability in the early stages

After you get all this sorted, head to the first newbie area in Cresent Reach, just at the big doorway, and pull out your mercenary. Pull whatever you can with your Strike Spell and let him go to work. You can pull multiple White/Darkblue cons. He shouldn't have any problems tanking them. And then just nuke your heart out.

At level 5 travel to the next island with bear's, puma's, shroom's and drake's, and rinse/repeat. Around level 8 you should be able to go into the puma cave and go to town on the kitty's.

At level 10 you got a few more options. You could stay in Cresent Reach (I would suggest this) or you could move to Kurn's Tower.

Level 10 Through 30

Cresent Reach: (10 - 20) Undeads

If you stay in Cresent Reach, head on over to the next island with the undeads and besicly just rinse/repeat what you did from 1 - 10. You got your first Undead Spells now "Ward Undead" and another slightly bigger nuke to help you out. Should really be no problem to kill them. At level 15, you could head to the last island with zombies and skeletons for some higher level mobs.

Kurn's Tower: (10 - 15) Undeads

Albeit a bit of travel for 5 levels, it should be worth it. The zone got an exp modifier, so it should be fast. Kill everything you see near the zone in. Every skeleton there is undead.
Just make sure you got your Root spell memorized, as the skeletons will run at low health.

Unrest: (15 - 30) Undeads

Head through the tunnel and start going at it on mobs in the courtyard. You can kill the Beetles, zombies and Jack, Skelly's and Jack O Lanterns till about level 17. You can do the inside stuff before, but i'd rather be safe than sorry. At 17 avoid the bigger rooms as you will get adds. You can start doing the bigger rooms at about level 22 or so.

Lower Guk: (30 - 46) Undeads

Almost everything in this zone is Undead. The zone got an exp modifier as well. So a true paradise for Clerics and Paladins. There's a few "obstacles" along the way in this zone. Heading to bridge there is 5 skeletons grouped up. They can be quite nasty, and do have a highish cold nuke. I would suggest being about 33 / 34 before attempting these. Can probably do it before if you're creative with your lull's and roots. And of course if your gear is up to date.
Speaking of root. When you're killing the frogs, you would want to have your root up, as they run at low hitpoints. Lguk has been known for their notorious adds and runners. Things could easily go south if a mob runs.

Veksar: (46 - 57) Undeads

Veksar has two types of mobs in it, undead and goblins. You will first run into goblins when you first enter Veksar. You will have to ether invis or kill your way through the goblins to reach the undead. To get to the undead, jump down into the large room with all the goblins. On the western side you should see a wooden ramp. The undead are up over the ramp in the other room.

You will be fighting the Sentries until about level 50. Once you reach level 50 you'll travel through the underwater Aquaduct (It's marked on your map) to the other side. When you first surface you will see one mob. Kill this then look to the right in the next large room. Be careful in here if these mobs are still yellow to you, they usually don't come in a single pull.

Crypt of Nadox: (57 - 65) Undeads

This place is AWESOME if you ask me. Unfortunately it's not a hotzone anymore, but it's still great exp.

Once you zone in, invis up and head through the lava. Keep the lava wall on your right hand side. Once you get to a bridge head up the wall and cross the bridge on the opposite side. You there see an entrance staight ahead and one to your left.
The undead mobs you want is to your left. You can either invis down, with IvU, or start clearing down. Everything down there got a fairly fast spawn timer. So will will have your work cut out for you.
You will be killing Crewmen Soaked / Drenched.

The End

Things will start to slow down here, as the mercenary will start to lose his power, and he will eventually need heals and/or help.

By now, you will have a good idea what you can, and cannot do. I refer you to the Franklin Teek for the fastest leveling route. Hotzones are just superior to whatever else is there. With one exception; Crypt of Decay. This place is great money and great AA exp at about level 65 - 70. Puslings and rats at the zone in, isn't undead. If you head straight out form Zonein, till the diseased water (with invis) you meet all the undead mobs.

Happy Hunting!