No idea what my old login here was, but I've always been Wizardling around the 'net. I rolled a new Qeynos Catacombs Cleric a few weeks ago, finally got all my spiffy red newbie armour and weapon last week, and am now bravely venturing forth...

I have to say it's very cool getting low level groups again as a cleric. Take that heal mercs! I'm having a bunch of fun keeping the reckless and foolhardy (how I think of DPS and tanks ;-) ) alive, or gating out if the smelly brown stuff hits the fan and some serious splatter is about to occur *grin* Remember I am an evil cleric this time around.

I know, some think the healer should stick it out till the end - go down with the ship kinda thing, but I find recovery from wipes is a lot faster if no one has to wait for me to get over res sickness. And I like to think I can judge when staying will be futile. I don't depart at the first sign of trouble, more when I have to jump to a lower part of the zone just to have time to gate out, yeah?

Anyway - I wondered what others nowadays think is good wiping etiquette. Am I wrong to use my experience to try and pull out at the last possible moment? For some reason I'm less cool with dying nowadays if I don't need to, even with no gear on bodies. I hate dying unnecessarily, perhaps because of the reduced death penalty now. It feels cheap to go it WoW mode - die and be back up and running in no time at all.

But I'm getting seriously sidetracked here - G'day to everyone and Merry Christmas! It's good to be back, baby!