Shadows of Doom is a high end raid guild on Antonius Bayle (Guild progression)
We are currently looking for a couple of good and high RA clerics.

Raid Schedule:

We will start raiding full time again with VoA.

Sunday 16:00 CET (15:00 UK, 07:00 PDT) onwards
Monday - Thursday 1830 CET (17:30 UK, 09:30 PDT ) onwards
We expect members to maintain a high RA and not just during the application time, looking for 80%+ .
Temporary AFK periods are allowed but we expect you to keep us informed.


We are a DKP based guild, applicants start earning DKP as soon as they join and have a limited bid right.
Application process typically takes a month.
We expect all members as well as applicants to work steadily on the progression, levels and AA and to keep their toon up to date with the content.

Contacts & Site Information:

Main Site:

There is an application button !



Deillusional - Leader
Grokanaar - Officer
Keille or Allysan - Cleric Class Leader

Thanks and good luck,