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    Default Fear Resistance

    Today I tried the group misson Miragul's Vendetta and was totally useless on the last mob because of fear. The melee classes had the discipline fear resistance to allow them to fight. Do clerics have anything to prevent mob's fearing them?

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    Nothing specific to clerics only. Just:

    - the AA from DoN from having all tiers done
    - the AA mystical shield I think it's called which gives a chance to resist any spell

    With this group mission, it sort of can require the group healer to keep the proactive heals running. Things I do:

    a) Keep group elixer running non stop
    b) Keep promised re____ on the tank
    c) I even load a stun and cast it as often as sound refreshes, to see if I can get recourse of life to proc (since that stacks with elixer and promise)

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