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Thread: 75 Solo AA Grind

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    Default 75 Solo AA Grind

    Noticed there isn't alot of traffic but hoping someone stumbles upon this and can help me.

    Leveled my Bot Cleric up to 75 and now doing the AA grind to make up for all the AA's I missed leveling. I am currently swarm kiting in Crypt of Decay and I can safely pull 5-6 (usually). I have a few Q's to make sure I am doing everything correctly or if there is something I can do better.

    A) Current spells I am using: Fast Heal, Heal, Promised, VoV, Pet Hammer, Reprisal, Yaulp, Aura (Level 55), DB (The level 51? version), Root, and BotM (Spreading reverse DS). Is this what I should be using or should I be swapping a spell out for something better?

    B) I know I have some gear/AA's to buy, so this may sound dumb, but what should I expect to see once I get closer to a higher (Group) Gear/AA count (Pull size) in CoD?

    C) Are their any other zones good for swarm pulling at 75? I've been swarm kiting undead on my Pallidin so the zone is getting old, fast. Prefer zones with non gaters/healers if the zones even exist.

    D) Any updated zones to swarm kite at 80 & 85 (if they exist)? Would like to be able to make future plans once I am done AA'ing at 75.

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    Do you find that you are taking a fair amount of damage? If so, keep the lvl 55 aura up. Otherwise, if you can get the little bit of faction done for the AE undead root/damage aura, that might help you kill a little bit faster - is the link to it.

    When I go after undead, I usually have a dot up and then pretty much everything else you mentioned.

    I don't know what's good at that level, though if you want to stay with undead, these are some potential places to check once you can handle them.
    - Arcstone undead zombies (not a ton of mobs but worth doing on smaller scales)
    - Ruins of Illsalin (pallies love swarming here because of the undead)
    - Frostcrypt (this one of the top undead places I've heard of clerics 'swarming')

    And then just regular swarming, plane of fire always comes up.

    Key things to make sure you get gearwise is clickies. 3 different DS clickies for example will help, plus some other drops. Here's a link with some of them that might offer choices for you.

    They give some (not updated for the last few expansion) ideas of utility things.

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    Ruins of Illsalin is DoDH I believe and is undead and used to be a level 65 hotzone you could try there for fun sometime but my suggestion is to find a Ranger friend who can headshot and go to pofire tables/c2 you can easily conjure up 500+ AA's in a few days especially if the account has Lesson Vet AA on it. I took a cleric box to 77,and about 600 AA's in pofire doing so.

    Hope this post helps I was playing on new TLP Vulak and at work today bored browsing EQ class sites =) Goodluck and have fun.


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