Firestormers is once again accepting applications for clerics!

We raid Sunday through Thursday from 6:00 pm Eastern until roughly 10:00. High playtimes, specifically those that can be on at start time, are preferred but not required.

Visit our website at, and feel free to contact any of our officer crew below.

[tell povar.vestacha , [tell povar.lindama , [tell povar.pomtwo, [tell povar.haranek , [tell povar.moggwai , [tell povar.mathikk , [tell povar.nerneo

● Applicant Requirements●

Required Level 90 :

All Expansions

1000 AAs minimum

●Required Keys ●
HoT - Achievements -
It's dangerous to Go Alone
Have Fun Storming the Castle

General DKP and Trial Information:

45% raid attendance for 30 and 60 days, is the full member Active status.

Below this % there is a DKP bid cap restriction.

FS is a non-mandatory raid guild. However, we are working our way through HoT content so serious raiders are preferred.

The guild membership average is between 65% and 80% raid attendance.

Raid Start times: 6pm Eastern till about 10pm Eastern Time : Sunday thru Thursday: Friday and Saturday are the usual set free nights.

FS runs a totally open DKP system :
All member DKP totals and loot history (price and purchase) are listed on the DKP page for member viewing.
Raid Dropped items are auctioned or bid upon in a loot channel all members must join.
There is no merit restrictions on general raid loot.

Trials do earn DKP and can bid on loot items even on their first raid. We expect some gear will be needed, the more raids you attend, the more DKP you earn and more loots you will get. The Average lower than standard FS trial can expect a 1-2k hp/mana improvement before the trial is even over but only if you can put the time in.

Every FS Trial Member is added with the expectation to pass. We work closely with our trials to get them the information they need to integrate smoothly and quickly into the raid force.
** Sign up bonus is based on AA count - ask Fierstan, Kituga or Moggwai for details, this bonus is on going and for all membership