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Thread: Anyone going to roll the new progression server?

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    Icon22 Anyone going to roll the new progression server?

    So i just returned to EQ after i recieved the email tonight...

    Haven't been this hooked for returning to EQ for many a year...

    So i'm planning on probably starting a new fresh cleric on that server... and enjoying the old content again... as the current game is just way too large for me to get back into my old character....

    anyone else returning or planning to do this?
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    I stopped playing EQ about 3 and a half years ago but I was seriously thinking of coming back to try this. I had a all in 1 copy of Secrets of Faydwer so I installed it today and messed around the tutorial a bit. I feel like a total noob lol. I tried getting back in to EQ a few years ago but theres so much to do I didn't know where to start so I figured a new account would be the way to go. It seems every MMO i start I always end up comparing it to EQ. Started playing RIFT last week and I keep thinking " I wish they had EQ style epic quests". I'm still in the "thinking about coming back" phase but I'm leaning more for than against at the moment.

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    I played from Feb 2000-Nov 2008 Quit raided most all of EQ except the last 3 Expansions anyhow Fippy and Vulak new Time Locked Progression servers have been great fun and Kunark Vote doesnt come around yet until June 1st so if you get bored on Rift like several others and wish it had that EQ1 kick to it just come on over and try a TLP server for fun,old times sake,and such you have plenty of time left to hit level 50 and such before it starts moving forward any at all.


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