Guild Name: Grey Horizon


Time Zone: Eastern US

Schedule: 7:00 PM Friday, 2:00 PM Saturday and Sunday, usually 1-2 nights during week at 7:00 depending on lockouts.

Loot System: Basic DKP, no bid restrictions. 2 week app period usually , then you start earning dkp.

Content: UF T7 and Tick-Tock on farm, working on Convotoreum and Ritual of Terror - perfect time to come join the fun.

Recruiting: Current needs : Cleric, Druid, Enchanter, Bard

In Game Contact: tunare.spinecrak , tunare.trollfood or you can PM me here and ill relay it to him. server transfers welcome.

Other: We have an incredibly active player base 24 hrs a day. We are not a raid and log off guild, we still enjoy every bit of the game. While we have no required RA% - you are expected to raid if online. It is possible to raid the good stuff without everquest becoming a obligation or job.

We have a solid heal team with some very experienced clerics so the job isnt too overwhelming - you won't be all alone on raids - but we could for sure use a couple more good players.