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Thread: whats your spell lineup solo/merc

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    Default whats your spell lineup solo/merc

    Hello I have just recently come back to playing after almost 3 years and man does my memory suck.

    What generally do you all have loaded for your 9 spells as you might be playing solo or with your mercenary.

    What self buffs do you always have on or at the ready?


    I'm lvl 75
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    Default My line up

    I just came back a few months back as well and I"m sitting with the basic layout when I'm with my tank merc. I haven't started or attempted to try having a cleric merc and going cleric-dps but that's really not my style.

    Note: I'm only 85 and don't have all the fantastic new 86+ spells

    1 - 5
    Biggest Heal (Frenetic Healing) (long recast)
    Heal over Time (One of the Elixirs)
    Fast Heal (Remedy line)
    Next biggest heal (Divine Light)
    Promise Heal

    6 - Use as needed

    7 - 8 Divine Aura / Second Divine Aura (the one not on the same timer as DA)

    I've purchased the AA for more slots to allow myself more flexibility. I've just started using the new Contravention spells that we have (nuke the monster, heals the player and vice versa) so my line up will change as I use those more.

    My .02 coppers


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