If you are interested in joining a high-end raiding guild as a healer you may wish to look into the benefits of Stronghold of Savages!


Stronghold of Savages is a guild on Drinal (formerly Maelin-Starpyre). We raid 6 days a week, from 7pm EST to 12PM EST, and Saturdays and holidays are off. Benefits include a good DKP system that has just wiped ( so you will not be miles behind current raiders in points), a mature group of players who know how to help each other and have fun*, and a guild that believes you do not need to bend the rules to be one of the top ten guilds in Everquest.

Send tells to Winnette, Wantu, or myself if interested.

*disclaimer: Of course we have a few of "those". Every group has a few of "those" - but for the most part we have a solid cleric team that supports each other - and helps our members become better!