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Thread: Infinite Elysium - the best, of course

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    Icon14 Infinite Elysium - New incentives for Healers.

    INFINITE ELYSIUM is an awesome bunch of seasoned raiders on Luclin/Stromm server and we need YOU!!
    We currently are raiding t3 and t4 VOA. earlier tiers are all on farm. Tues and Weds 7pm-10ish pm EST and also Sat/Sun 4pm -9ishpm EST. Attn required is only 40%,come check us out, good ppl, great smishing-make lots of stuff dead !!!!
    We do host optional raids for the server on some Monday evenings. These are pretty much Argath and t2 VoA. Attnd is totally Opntional but you do get DKP bonus for attending.
    Contact -Seychelle, Danladil, Kinmera, Lavendure or ANY IE member you see on - send tells or leave an offline message to those above
    CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ask about NEW INCENTIVES for joining our Healer Team in Infinite Elysium. Look foreward to hearing from YOU!!
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