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Thread: need help on hot keys for raiding

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    Default need help on hot keys for raiding

    hi there havent really raided with my cleric could anyone hot key set up for raiding

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    Line2=/pause 5
    Line3=/cast 3
    Line4= DL << %T >>

    Line1=/cast 3
    Line2=/1 DL << %T >>
    Line3=/cast 3

    Line1=/cast 2
    Line2=/1 HoT << %T >>
    Line3=/cast 2
    Line4=HoT << %T >>

    Line1=/cast 1
    Line3=/cast 1

    Line1=/cast 9
    Line2=/1 DI << %T >> DI
    Line3=/cast 9
    Line4=/cast 9

    These are just some of the ones i use hun...
    As you can see i put in the name of the HOT KEY used.. and the /cast then # is the # that the spell is on the spell gem.
    Cheal is # 1
    HoT is # 2
    Fast heal # 3
    and so on.
    Set it up to what you are use to doing. i have always used my hot keys for healing.
    depending on what is going on like in group i'm on page 1 of the hot keys where i have attack bash assist and then my heals
    raids i go to page two where back before i came back the frist two spots where for the first two tanks and then my heals....
    Everyone is differant... i use to have right up on this when i was cleric leader a long time ago... but that got thrown away when i thought i was never coming back LOL...
    if any questions just ask...


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