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Thread: Important later in the clerics life

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    Default Important later in the clerics life

    Ok, so with the changes in equipment, merc, etc etc, levelling through early levels is pretty easy.

    I started a new cleric on Sunday morning. Have had a chance at some decent play time for once, and am sitting at 51 with 2 AAs by Friday morning. Insanely fast.

    So many of the spells we used in the past were critical for survival, but with merc, and the speed, a few of the spells I have now have never been cast.

    So my question. What cleric spells at low level are important later? Stuns? Roots? Buffs? I went ahead and solo'ed the Temp quest, just to say I did it. Will probably do the same (not sol for Epics. Again just to say it was done.

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    Divine Intervention is a level 60 spell, and one that is a must have for any cleric imo, especially if you ever plan to raid.

    Also, Word of Redemption is you level 60 group complete heal. I don't use it very often anymore, but it's a good one to have also.

    In general I'd get all of your Aego type buffs, direct healing spells and HoTs just in case you ever help level a lower level toon... and, also just to say you have them.


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