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Thread: Wreckers, an Australian guild on Bertox

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    Default Wreckers, an Australian guild on Bertox


    Wreckers on Bertoxxulous is EQ's #1 Australian raiding guild.

    We've had Tower on farm for a while now and we're breaking into Underfoot raids.

    We're laid back and friendly and we have a lively and busy grouping scene when we're not raiding. We have regular UF progression nights, with T9 zones on farm too

    With the free transfers coming up, now is the time to think about a move to Bert if you're looking for advancement on a server with a lot of people on at Australasian times.

    See for more information, or contact Thoraf or Selinea on Bert to be part of the top Everquest guild in Australia.

    See ya soon!

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    Bump. we're still here and still after a few clerics.

    As an update we're working on Hive Guardians in UF, with the others on farm status and have beaten Tick Tock in House of Thule.

    Look forward to chatting with you, even if you just wanna say G'day.



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