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Thread: old school clickies, proc, etc items

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    Default old school clickies, proc, etc items

    I am collecting a few and was wondering ift here are others i should be camping/questing:

    Pegasus Feather Cloak:

    Boots of Shadow Walking:

    Divine Hammer of Consternation:

    I was planning on working on Radiant Totem of Ancient Krithgor:

    And have been camping the Mask of Vanishing:

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    It might help if you gave a bit more explanation of the type of items or if it's for nostalgia or to keep in bags and use, etc.

    That said, here's a few thoughts of mine (almost all of these I carry in my bags at all times):

    Shield of Striding (priest instant lev clicky shield, inventory usable) -

    Earring of the Elddar (circle of life 1 clicky, more valuable now that they removed the level cap effect) -

    Defender of the Ancestral Spirit (root clicky) -

    Direwolf Totem of Spirit (dodge mod/familiar) -

    Hoop of Emptiness (or another annul clicky) -

    Journeyman's Walking Stick (tash stick) -

    Sap Encrusted Branch (snare stick) -

    Ancient Prismatic Mace (or another cleric usable one, avatar clicky) -

    Vander's Bane (swarm pet weapon) -

    Water Sprinkler of The Forgiven (atone clicky) -

    Shadowed Storm Sphere (clicky boon of recovery, stacks with other mana regen) -

    Not sure if you want heal clickies as well:

    Breastplate of the Harmonious Soul (pious elixer clicky) -

    Donal's Chestplate of Mourning (clicky complete heal-nostalgia only) -

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    Quote Originally Posted by crystilla View Post

    Shadowed Storm Sphere (clicky boon of recovery, stacks with other mana regen) -

    doesnt stack with beastlord mana regen does it?

    thanks for list btw , found a few i could use!


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