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Thread: BP click focus discussion - feedback wanted

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    Default BP click focus discussion - feedback wanted

    Current conversation that CL's have been asked about.

    Which BP effects in the last two expansions are considered undesirable.

    Please keep this discussion on topic. Just BP effects... not anything on any other item slot at all, no other spells, not other mods or stats... just the focus, worn and click effects on the recent BP's.

    If you need to go back a few more expansions to other BP clicks to indicate what you liked or disliked about them, please do so. When posting, consider that we are in a 12-month expansion cycle and duration of any suggestions you have (or whether the prior BP clicks would still be relevant on that type of cycle).

    Crossposting this on the two cleric forums as well.

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    Default Re: BP click focus discussion - feedback wanted

    I like how the BP works with the click in that it's the next 2 or 4 spells cast (depending upon teir of BP) instead of X amount of time. Now with this in mind I feel the BP should be something that is focused on what our class does primarily.

    Our primary job is healing not ducking aggro. Yes the aggro reducer is nice but it's not going to enhance your primary job if you've spent AAs wisely. I feel the BP click should be something along the lines of either adding a base +number to the next 4 direct heals cast or makes the next 4 heals land for double or even have +chance to crit would be more in line with clerics. It won't be game breaking and it gives us a way to kick healing into overdrive for a few seconds when you really need it.

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    Default Re: BP click focus discussion - feedback wanted

    I agree with Harconis

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    Default Re: BP click focus discussion - feedback wanted

    I would much rather have the TSS clicky on BP, that in my opinion is more usefull more often.

    Agro reducer I only use when there is a big pull usually clearing trash, I can live with pulling that out of my bag usually you know when that will be coming.

    The 50% heal mod i absolutely hate having to equip a 200 something BP for the click, i like to use that one as soon as it pops, but with it bagged I rarely remember it.

    So to summarize I would prefer the 50% heal mod over the agro reducer.

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