Now that they've updated the hotzones, with the level 60 one being COD (crypt of decay) and the level 65 one being Stoneroot Falls, I think that Sony was thinking about us clerics.

As a level 65 cleric just getting back into the game, I love the fact that Sony made COD a hotzone, there is tons of Undead in here to grind off of, and with mercenaries you can even solo, or duo the Carprin cycle for fun and Huge AA's (I was getting one whole AA off each named mob)

Some things a new player to the zone might want to know:
--Puslings are not undead, you have to invis past them and head straight from zone in up the ramp into the room with disease water.
--Undead mob "pestilence Archon" "pestilence Priest": These are healer mobs and will CH themselves
--Undead "Death Knight": SK mob will HT you
--Undead "Corrupted Knight": Hardest hitting mobs, straight up tanks
--Undead "firebone magus": WIzard mob,, easiest ones in here
--undead "elite corrupted": Tank mob, suprisingly not much harder then corrupted

I advice any cleric who is playing again to go grind their little hearts off on these mobs.

As for Stoneroot falls, if you reach level 66ish, invis all the way through Corathus--Undershore-- and this zone and follow the water in each zone. Swim around in undershore till you find a waterfall to jump off and zone into stoneroot.

From there, the undead have a little camp in I believe it's the Southwest corner but don't quote me on it. Anywho, they are shiliskins and are quite nasty.

You will probably get 2 per pull, and if your not careful 3. Might want to have someone break the camp with you, then it would be a piece of cake solo, but the shiliskin slicer hits like a mofo so make sure you have the good mercenary tank with you. He can drop runes for our 66-69 spells though, so have fun