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Thread: Circle of Divinity rank 3 quest series

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    Default Circle of Divinity rank 3 quest series

    I had this in a different spot initially and realized it would best be suited here.

    Here's a post I made for my guildies after I completed the quest a few weeks back and got my COD3. Hope it helps someone.

    Since I completed this spell line with the help of guildies and friends, I wanted to share a bit of what I learned so that others trying for their Circle of Divinity Rank 3 spell (or other class rank 3 spells) will have an easier time than I did.

    There are a total of two quest lines you have to complete (Blackwater and Kirathas/Valthun). Blackwater folks are on the eastern side of the zone, just north of the graveyard. Kirathas folks are in the SW corner of the zone.

    Anyone helping you may want to wear the mask of the group you’re trying to help if they have to be near those mobs. You can get these from A Mysterious Strangr.

    ITU (invis to undead) works in both quest villages, so that is one way to get around if you don’t have the mask on you. Be warned though, if you wear the mask of one village and attack someone in that village, your mask will poof/be destroyed.


    Blackwater #1: Find Fendel
    This mission is a pure “find so and so”. Very easy

    Blackwater #2: The Green Fairy
    At first you just do a hail or two, then you gain a subtask (Absent Absinthe).

    This subtask has you collecting drops from mushrooms (SE corner of the zone). As a tip, you can actually buy fennel and a water flask from vendors. Then once you have this subtask, have someone hand them to you and you earn credit for them. Then you only have to kill mushrooms for two other drops.

    Finally you just hand those items to someone which updates your subtask and finally updates your main task.

    Blackwater #3: Light my Fire
    This is a straight “kill 10” mission. You can set up on an abandoned boat and single pull from the small boat across the way (or go onto the more congested boat that has more flames and they path).

    Blackwater #4: Vengeance
    This is a straight “kill 15” Kirathas mission. Nothing fancy here.

    Blackwater #5: Funeral of the Damned
    You basically get handed some stuff and have to place them on the correct coffins that are in the Camp Valor area by speaking the catch words that are in all capitals. That’s it.

    Blackwater #6: Lumber Run
    This one is a mission you may want to bring a couple of friends on. Your job is to protect Paul and his lumberjack friends from 4-6 waves of 4 mobs a piece (final wave has a captain; when he dies the other mobs poof and you win).

    Anyone you bring with you will want to grab the mask as well from the Mysterious stranger so the lumberjacks don’t’ jump your friends.

    Couple of notes – don’t aggro the lumberjacks or if you do, you need to zone, mem blur, camp, etc. to get out of it Also, this is a wave event and the mobs will aggro the nearest PC. Miasma and I first tried this event by his pet tanking and none of the mobs aggro’d his pet, they all went to the lumberjacks so I had to get in there and tank as well as heal. We brought a ranger and SK and we were able to beat it.

    If Paul (the head lumberjack) dies, you lose and the mobs despawn instantly so if you run into troubles and need a way out of it, let Paul die.

    Main thing is to quickly clear a few mobs around this area fist (the treant, the one pathing whisp, and the two thorned mulches) and then immediately trigger the event as soon as you can. If you wait too long, these mobs will reaggro during the wave event.

    Small note – if you get any Springy young branches and strong tree limbs or Heavy rope vine to drop while you clear for this, keep them. You’ll need them for a Kirathas quest mission.

    Blackwater #7: Counter-Attack
    This is a straight forward ‘kill 15’ mission.

    Blackwater #8: Rally the Town
    This is a straight forward hail and speak catch phrases. Very easy.

    Blackwater #9: Save the Child
    Final mission – very easy, basically just walk into Valthun’s hut and you’re done with this entire quest line.


    The Invasion of the Defilers (Main Quest)

    Valthun #1: Seeking Amber
    This quest is simply hailing a few named NPC’s in the village.

    Valthun #2: Testing the Invaders
    This quest is hands down the hardest one in both quest lines.

    The first step is finding 5 different locations in the Blackwater village, 3 on the docks and 3 out by the boats, all without being seen by a Blackwater lookout. If you get spotted by one of them, they chase you, the other NPC’s in camp chase you and you loose 1 or more of your updates (up to all 11 of them). If you zone, if you die, if you camp you lose your updates (all of them). However, we did find out you CAN be coth’d and still keep your updates.

    After 7 hours of trying multiple methods to get these updates, the easiest and quickest was to have friends come. You can NOT be in the same group as them or near them, but have them clear all the mobs around each of the 3 docks and then you get your updates from them. (If you try a kiting route, there can be mobs caught under the docks that you don’t see which will keep resetting your tasks-happened to me).

    For the village, your group of friends can just pull the wandering lookouts and kill any key problematic villagers. Then ITU and go get your updates. A friend could also at this point go get the mask to wear and can warn you if there was any wandering lookouts that they missed coming your way. Two of the building updates are pretty easy, 2 are a little more difficult and the 5th had 3-4 wandering lookouts that are almost always pathing. Patience with this quest is an absolute MUST.

    Note – when killing the fisherman if you get any Fishing Net and Bag of Fishing hooks to drop, loot them as you’ll need them for an upcoming mission in this quest series.

    ~ Once you finish up the 11 updates and do your hail, you can NEVER loose these updates again.

    ~ The last part of this is a wave event which takes place on the big boat in the water. Bring friends on this one. Once you first clear the regular mobs from the boat and “start the fire” on the boat, every few minutes, 3-4 mobs will spawn and rush you or rush the fire trying to put it out – these you have to aggro as they won’t aggro you naturally and if they put out your fire you have to start over. Your job is to kill them as quickly as possible. There are 4-5 total waves that take place, so you will have respawns occur during your final wave(s). If that weren’t enough, you also have the boat catching fire in places with a very like damage dot if you stand where the fire is, so you have to avoid those spots as the fire spreads during the waves. Bring friends.

    Valthun #3: Defile the Defilers
    This is a straight up kill 15 mission.

    Valthun #4: Defense of the Village
    This is a long mission, only due to the fact that you have to farm drops, 40 of them in total (16 are ground spawns, 24 of them are actual drops). You get to kill crypt ghouls, treants, thorned mulches, and the fisherman on the docks (from my experiences the ones on the lower beach by the ocean do NOT drop these, only the fisherman on top of the cliffs and the docks drop them).

    Total # of items you need are:

    Deliver materials for 4 pit traps (0/4) - Hills of Shade
    Sharp sticks (need 3 for each trap, ground spawns) = total of 12
    Thin stone slab (need 1, ground spawns) = total of 4

    Deliver materials for 4 snare traps (0/4) - Hills of Shade
    Springy young branches (need 2, from tortured treants) = 8
    Fishing Net (need 1, from fisherman) = 4
    Bag of Fishing hooks (need 1, from fisherman) = 4

    Deliver materials for 2 bear traps (0/2) - Hills of Shade
    Heavy rope vine (need 1, from mulches) = 2
    Serrated long blade (need 1, from crypt ghouls) = 2
    Strong tree limbs (need 1, from tortured treants) = 2
    Dried tree limb (need 1, ground spawn) = 2

    Once you have everything, you get to head toward the Kirathas village and do a hail. When you do the hail, hunters will spawn on the ridge between the village and the forest by Erollisi Marr’s statue. There will be 10 hunters and you turn in a set of the drops to each hunter.

    Then you go and speak a phrase that triggers a wave event. To win this event you have to spring a certain # of traps as well as kill a certain # of mobs. You can do this by either having friends with you to pull mobs and kill them or by triggering the traps once the mobs are over them. Traps are located in front of each of the hunters. Be warned, if a hunter dies, his traps disappear. This quest can be retriggered when the waves of mobs stop so you can finish off the quest (just rehail/speak the text phrase again).

    Valthun #5: Last Stand Into Eternity
    The final quest. Do a hail and then you have to kill a certain # of mobs that spawn in waves and attack the village directly. This works better if you have friends (either some type of puller, tracker or crowd control). You need to kill 25 of the raiders, and you can restart this portion by hailing again if you didn’t get all the kills the first time the waves are finished. Then just walk back to Valthun and quest is done.

    ~ ONCE both of these quest lines are done, go back to the A mysterious stranger and hail him, follow his text until he assigns you the quest task. Then buy the thorned rose. Then we can kill Scorn again, loot a petal off of her corpse and you can get credit and go back to A mysterious stranger and get your rank 3 spell.

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    Tincker said in post #2 :
    I you. Please have Eleventy Billion of my babies...
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