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Thread: SoD progression checklist

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    Default SoD progression checklist

    Void B - SoD Tier 1 - Oceangreen Theme
    Oceangreen Theme Progression
    From: Sergeant Bronal Cadran
    [ ] Man the Defenses
    [ ] No Cure for Death

    From: Captain Hiran Tillin
    [ ] Familiarity is Key
    [ ] Stop the Contamination
    [ ] A Dread Challenger

    From: Raxtor Darkpawm
    [ ] Defeat the Blackburrow Boss


    Void C - SoD Tier 2 - Kithicor
    Kithicor Theme Progression
    From: Laarthik V'Shin
    [ ] Destroy the Imposter

    From: Lanys
    [ ] Rain of Ruin

    From: Commander Barvian
    [ ] Safe Passage

    From: Firiona
    [ ] Bitter Victuals


    Void D - SoD Tier 3 - Field of Bone
    Field of Bone Theme Progression
    From: Jaled Dar
    [ ] Audience with the WarMaster
    [ ] The Brood of an Emperor
    [ ] The Price of Knowledge
    [ ] Defeat the Dragonbane Phalanx
    [ ] Impenatrable Shield

    *Jaled Dar is not a very trusting dragon, before he will send you on these missions you need to do nearly every task the other dragons offer. I'm afraid I can't be more specific due to the volume of tasks and combinations it might take to test. However, if one person has done them, he can request the mission for an entire group, and ONLY the group missions are required to complete the timeline.


    Void E - SoD Tier 4 - Rathe
    Rathe Theme Progression
    From: Sterik Gristmaker
    [ ] Retinue of the Frog-God

    From: Nedsin Tabbels
    [ ] Find your Allies
    [ ] Whom Frogs Destroy
    [ ] The Wrath of Korascian

    From: Ylatra the Vassal
    [ ] Disrupt the Siege
    [ ] Champions No More
    [ ] Murdunk's Last Stand


    Void F - SoD Tier 5 - Kuua
    Kuua Theme Progression
    From: General Vurig the Imposing
    [ ] Holding the Fort
    [ ] Studying the Portal

    From: Telivar (in Korafax)
    [ ] Kill the Shearspawn
    [ ] Inside Information
    [ ] Meeting Adjourned
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    Default Re: SoD progression checklist

    ~Void D - SoD Tier 3 - Field of Bone~

    Since no one seems to know the limit on the tasks. Just do the Skelly Iksar Illusion as well as the regular. Both work as the faction modifier, which help loads in the group tasks for progression.

    Baron Yosig's Skeleton

    ~Void E - SoD Tier 4 - Rathe~

    When getting the tasks its not a do one to open the others type deal. Go ahead and grab as many as you can since a couple are for the same area. Pretty easy tasks.

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    Default Re: SoD progression checklist

    unless its been changed , for void f you also have to complete the 4 solo tasks from a disheveled human and the 2 solo tasks from telivar


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