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Thread: Site upgrade progressing well.

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    book Site upgrade progressing well.

    /em walks out of the back room with an old, battered, wooden box which he puts down and promptly climbs on top of.

    I wanted to give you all a status update on the site upgrade process and possibly get some feedback. I do not have any screen shots to share right now but I plan to share some with you as soon as I think it looks decent enough.

    The actual upgrade part has been pretty painless. Right now I'm working on incorporating our current look and feel into the site so there is some familiarity with the new forum upgrade/front end.

    If you've read the announcement you know this is actually a fairly difficult upgrade that essentially breaks every system we currently use. There will surely be some casualties. My main motivation is to foil the forum spammers in an effort to maintain our community integrity. I think this new system will allow me to do this while ending the moderation of new users.

    For your reference and to give you and idea of the scope of this, we are currently back-logged over 4,000 registered users of which 90% is probably spam accounts.

    If you have any suggestions, feedback or parts of the site you'd like to keep, change or nuke please don't hesitate to reply

    If you need me I'll be in the tinkering shop.

    /em jumps off the box, spins around and punts a gnome into the back room.

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    Default Re: Site upgrade progressing well.

    Good job so far J man!
    Proud to be an EQCleric Admin!

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    Default Re: Site upgrade progressing well.

    I can't wait.... Um, oh yeah, I need to write you an e-mail back. Life has finally slowed down a little. It has gone from a sprint to a fast jog. Catch you on the other side.



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