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Thread: Written Prayer Question

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    Default Written Prayer Question

    Since I have never participated in research, I would like to learn. Our new AA / skill will now allow us to research.

    Written Prayer - lvl 51 required, 3/3/3/3/3
    - Increases max skill for research by 10 points a rank. Skill will start out with a 200 cap.

    I do not see written prayer in my skills list so I assume I have to spend 3 AA's to get the skill and it comes with a 200 skill beginning. If I add AA's to that, obviously the cap will increase to allow me to research higher end spells.

    With that said, does anyone know if we or I can ONLY research cleric spells or can I now research for any class too? Is this for spells only or can I also do tomes?

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    Default Re: Written Prayer Question

    According to the patch message, we will be able to research only Priest spells. Quote taken from Ally link to patch message "-- Priest classes will be able to research spells that are usable by any priest class."

    Only the true casters can research any class spells while melee can only do tomes.

    Not sure about the AA for I have a Journeyman Researcher atm so I will not get the AA for a bit of time.


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