i know this has been discussed, i probably spent 20 rl hours reading different opinions on it, but...
im currently siting at like 20k hps 15k mana 3300 ac self buffed. like a month ago i switched out 4 90/90 augs for 25 ac augs and it seemed to make a huge difference in beign able to take hits, and only cost me 360 mana. and 400ish hps.

now last week i swapped 2 of the ac augs back for the mana ones and dropepd 50 worn ac which is like 80 ac i guess and depsite the general consensus , ive noticaed a huge difference in tanking ability on the fortress mobs. so im considering swapping back

what you guys think a 25ac aug is worth what in mana/hps ? how do you value the 3 when aug hunting ? like i had thought unless its 125/125 + id keep the ac but ..im confused.

thanks valandil