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    id like to pick the brains of the games best clerics

    im finally "finacially stable" enough that tribute is an option and now that im keen to how it works its a neccesity for my sanity

    so, what do you guys use ? can have 5 running right?

    i figure hps/mana/ac are nobrainers but what else? that wis/sta cap seems ridiculously high for usage/value . i chose second chance despite having no idea how it works, hoping its like DI . very curious what it does.

    whats else you guys use ?


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    i just use hp/mana/ac 120 per 10 min then i leave it on and get pissed off. Second Chance is worthless never goes off.

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    I used to use it for haste/ferocity until I got items that had better on it. I don't think I've even used personal tribute in some time.
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