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    Default heroic effects

    so what exactly does heal amount 1 mean ? or clairvoyance 2 ?

    is there a cap on this and does it stack ?

    im hoping heal amount 6 means 6% bonus

    any easy answer or link to info on this?


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    found some old updates with some info :
    - Heal Amount: Increases healing spells by the total amount of the modifier. This is a base value that is scaled to the casting time of the spell so quick casting spells get less and longer casting spells get more.

    - Clairvoyance: Gives a chance to gain mana equal to the total amount of the modifier when casting spells.

    i hope that doesnt mean it adds 1hp to solemn light.

    was trying to figure out if enameled black bracers are better than faithbringers. looks like ill stick with the faithbringers for avoidance if this is the case. claitvoyance is pretty cool though

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    Heal Amount and Spell damage follow the following formula:


    *NB- It uses the spell database values - the base cast and recast times, not your current actual with foci

    So if we consider the entire light line, that is 3.75s cast + 2.25s recast

    Therefore the ratio is 6/7 hp : 1 heal amount

    So with lights, not even 1. For every 7 heal, you gain 6 hp healed on lights. Not huge in the grand scheme of things.


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