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Thread: How not to get through moderated signups

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    Default How not to get through moderated signups

    As most of you know we started moderating signups to the site to curb the wave of porn spammers and linkbots registering on the forum.

    This process has been very effective and I believe we haven't seen a single spam/porn post on this site since this initiative was implemented. Of course this has a downside, a big one. Registering takes a long time as we manually moderate and approve each and every registration.

    This post gives a few pointers as to what not to do when signing up:

    1. Be careful what e-mail address you sign up with. Using a *.ru or *.cn is an immediate red flag for us as these extensions count for the majority of spam signups. Another popular trend now is using for signups, so if you use a email be sure to include some info like an EQ signature, server you play on etc.
    2. Feel free to e-mail contact[AT] (replace [AT] with a @) to let us know you signed up. This will help guarantee we don't accidentally deny your signup.
    3. Don't post dubious links in your profile. Links containing sexual references or links appearing inappropriate both in your home page field or signature field will most likely guarantee you do not get through the moderation process.
    4. Don't register several times while waiting for approval. If we see numerous requests from similar looking usernames or e-mail addresses we will most likely deny the registrations. Sorry, this is a very well known and often used tactic of spammers.
    5. Use the drop down to select your playing server. This is a good indicator for us that you are human and not just blind registering.

    I hope this helps a little and we do apologize for the longer than normal validation time. When your account is validated we do automatically send out an e-mail notifying you that your account has successfully been validated and is ready for use. Until that time you cannot post messages or gain full access to the website forums. We wish this wasn't necessary but since the spammers started targeting message boards it's become harder and harder to keep the postings sanitized and appropriate.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding!


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    Default Re: How not to get through moderated signups

    we apreciate your hard work in keeping this site spam free!

    was a bad year or so before you started this.

    thank you again!

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    Default Re: How not to get through moderated signups

    Aye thank you for all the hard work

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    Default Re: How not to get through moderated signups

    thank you for your work its great to read spam free forums!

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    Default Re: How not to get through moderated signups

    Aye, thanks and keep up the good work!

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    Default Re: How not to get through moderated signups

    Aye Thankies Jarvis =)

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    Default Re: How not to get through moderated signups

    yay java er jarva!!



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