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Thread: Gamers and those who love them

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    Default Gamers and those who love them

    I'm a gamer at heart. I'm sure many of you are too. I traverse a lot of different platforms and jump around from what I really enjoy with great re-play value to the latest and greatest. I often find myself revisiting old stomping grounds like EverQuest, EverQuest 2 and World of Warcraft.

    These games always hold a special place in my heart and I hope to add many more MMO's to that list as quality releases are coming out.

    I use many platforms for enjoying my games from PC for MMO's and RTS/FPS to Wii for some casual Nintendo fun, latest being Mario Kart Wii. I recently actually picked up an XBox 360 and have finally been exposed to what has made this an amazing console. For anyone of us used to playing online games on PC we can appreciate what they have done with the XBox Live service and it's achievements linked to each game.

    My most recent purchase was GTA IV which I will enjoy while waiting for Age of Conan to be released. Those who know me well know I hail from Norway and Funcom, the developers behind this title, are also from Norway so this title is a must-play for me.

    If any of you ever want to hang out in a game, whether it be having an ale in EQ/EQ2 or meeting up for some friendly gaming on XBLive please send me a PM. I'd be honored.

    In EQ2 I play Jarvis and Nuru on Permafrost server.
    In WOW I play Jirvas on Gilneas mainly, but haven't played that game in a while.

    If you want my gamertag for Xbox Live feel free to PM me requesting it or giving me yours and I'll add you.

    I'd love to hear your own tales outside EQ and what captures your attention. I have shared a little bit but there's plenty more especially titles in different genres etc so hopefully we can get a conversation going

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    Default Re: Gamers and those who love them

    Age of Conan is also a must-play for me. I've even got a couple of guys I work with excited about it as well. We put in apps for the beta but didn't hear anything back

    I've got some low level toons in LOTRO that I play from time to time since I bought into that 200$ lifetime access but most of my MMO time is still occupied with EQ.

    I can blame my RPG addiction on the Final Fantasy series, starting with FF7 (which is still the best imo )

    I've run the gamut from NES to Sega Genesis to PS1 (which just recently gave up the ghost), didn't have the financial wherewithal to get any of the then next-gen systems, but i am definitely on the hunt for a Wii since i got to play on one at my buddy's house.

    I still occasionally play the old school DnD, pen/paper style with friends. It was a sad day around here when Mr Gygax passed away.

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    Default Re: Gamers and those who love them

    Okay, I guess I come from an entire family of gamers. My husband and I started years back, and were pulled into EQ on New Year's eve going into 2000. That was a must have for my husband after he played it. I of course love to write and thought, 'uh oh, if I play this the I'll use up all of my writing time.' I still write and it cuts into my gaming time.

    Anyway, back to my family of gamers. I dont' allow my girls to play on-line MMO's yet but that doesn't mean they don't want to. They have lately been into Smash Brother's Brawl for the Wii and I have one daughter that is a huge Sonic fan. Her goal is to become a game critic, and she's well on her way. So, if anyone wants to kick around a little Smash Brothers we could possibly work something out.

    I personally still love my MMO's, and lately have been back to my old stomping grounds of EQ. I had forgotten how much fun it was. I've got characters in EQ2, Vanguard, Starwars and I turned my WoW account off (the latter two games I couldn't get into ). I've just downloaded the open beta for Conan, because the graphics engine looks like it is the same as the one VG used.

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    Default Re: Gamers and those who love them

    I havent played EQ in about a year. BUT Im now addicted to World of Warcraft. So if you play, Im Serenitey (bloodelf) on Sargeras...pvp server. Woot go HORDE! lol :P

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    Default Re: Gamers and those who love them

    I've been gaming in one form or another since I was a kid. I started out with tabletop rpgs until I could afford to build my own computer, and I've been hooked on computer games ever since. Been playing EQ since Dec of 99, heck I even met my husband through EQ. Currently still playing, although I have so many alts there's no telling who I'll be on as...)
    I've got an XBox 360 that occupies my non EQ or CoH playtime and a wide variety of games for it. I love the rpgs, but a down & dirty fighting game is sometimes just the ticket.


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