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Thread: Healer class in other games

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    angel Healer class in other games

    Many of you have probably already moved on to other games in the world of MMO's. So far most of these games feature a healer, priest, druid, medic kind of class.

    How many of you have stayed with a healer class throughout your adventures in other MMO's?

    If so which games and which game had your favorite healing class build?

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    I have played almost exclusively healers.

    StarWars Galaxies: Medic - hated it actually was too much like a real job.

    EverQuest 2: Cleric and Warden - both are healers.

    Vanguard: Cleric and Shaman. I tried the druid there but that was too much like a mage and I didn't like it.

    WoW: Priest, it was the only thing I was comfortable playing. So when everyone else picks new classes I'm standing in the back healing the best way I know how.

    As for my favorite healing class build so far? Hmm... I don't know which one I like the most. I like the fact that the Warder and Shaman in EQ2 and VG can both solo but niether are strong healers. They can do pretty good but they just don't have the power of a true cleric.

    Priests in WoW, I've probably played 10 of them over the years. I'm not a huge fan of the game, but I do admit I like the wand. That made for an interesting twist. When I got a good coordination going with the priest it went pretty well.

    I've not gotten high enough in VG to say about the cleric yet, but I like the feel of it. It is like slipping into a familiar spot. The same I can say for EQ2. I have gotten high enough there, and in a real situation that requires a healer the cleric is the only way to go.

    I've played healers in other games, but can not really tell about them because I don't even remember the class names. Usually the game was not gripping enough to get me very far so I would let the subscription expire. Although pen and paper D&D I usually find myself the cleric.

    Of course there is my orginal EQ cleric. I knew from the first day I logged her in this was the class for me. I'm a healer at heart. /smile
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    Default Re: Healer class in other games

    in lotro i did a dps type. tried to stay away from healing. wanted to get to "see" the action instead of everyones life bars.

    but here i am back playing eq.....maybe i should of went healer!

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    Default Re: Healer class in other games

    go healer

    you'll never go back~


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    going wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back to pen n paper role play..

    D&D was a cleric and ~shudders and hangs me head ~ a gar.. aka ranger..

    always been cleric in eq..

    oddly even the short stories I "attempt" to write.. my main character is a healer..

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    Default Re: Healer class in other games

    That is funny most of my fantasy based stories the main character is a healer. I've been working on one of late that is getting really long and it's about guess what? A healer, with a twist though. /giggle

    I wrote one where the main character was not a healer and it was a total flop. Why is that?

    Yep, once you go cleric there aren't any other classes.

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    Default Re: Healer class in other games

    Always a healer type. I find myself feeling "gimped" if I can't cast some type of heal spell on myself or hubby when out hunting.

    DAoC- Druid type
    Vanguard- Druid
    WoW- Priest's - Druid's (PLURAL) lol
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    Default Re: Healer class in other games

    I hear you there Etianna...pen and paper Healer here too from D&D and AD&D.

    Tried the Bard in LoTRO (healer)-it was fun, but still prefered the Hunter during Beta.

    Have not ventured out into other online games but always play a healing class as one of my main choices. I like to solo abit too so I play pet type classes too.

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    Default Re: Healer class in other games

    I would say the EQ cleric is still my favorite healing class overall. Part of the reason I occasionally come take a peek in EQ again. I can play DPS classes, and also tanks sometimes, but I always at least try out a healing class.

    I played in the last stage of the DDO beta for a while with some friends, and of course one of the classes I tried was cleric, but it didn't take us long to figure out how messed up DDO was. So much for that. If I had stayed, there's a good chance I'd have played a cleric as my main.

    In Lineage 2 I played a few characters, my second highest being a dark elf oracle, a good healing class with also some very good buffs. You weren't strictly limited to healing either, many oracles dual wielded swords when they wanted to dps. But my highest level character was a tank, a dark elf (yeah yeah, hush) knight, somewhat like a shadow knight in EQ. I gave up on L2 a long time ago though.

    I've played WoW a lot and one of my 70's is a troll shaman. WoW has messed around with class balance and roles so much, but there are 4 classes that can heal, and they all have their specific strengths. Priest is the most versatile healer and can be fun to play, but overall I like the shaman best. I already main healed groups before the expansion, when few people even realized they could. Shaman is a pretty versatile class overall, with decent healing - not as one sided as paladin heals especially, a rez (and a self rez!), some nice offensive spells, a somewhat decent ability to melee (more than just somewhat decent when specced for it), and they can use chain armor and shields, and a decent selection of weapons. At the moment the least popular class it seems, but to me one of the most fun classes in WoW and I can main heal groups just fine.

    In GW one of the characters I'm leveling up is a monk. I'll see how the classes compare at higher levels. I doesn't take very long to level up in GW, even in the Prophecies campaign, compared to most other MMORPGs. I just haven't been playing it very long yet.
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