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Thread: Congrats Crystilla!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

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    Default Congrats Crystilla!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

    On Allakhazam Player of the week

    Player of the Week: Crystilla

    (Date Posted: December 21, 2007)

    Real Name: Dawne
    Allakhazam Name: Crystaluck
    Character Name: Crystilla
    Character Race: Dwarf
    Character Class: Cleric
    Deity: Brell Serilis
    Server: Erollisi Marr
    Guild: Primal Evolution
    Guild Website:
    Guild Rank: Recruiting Officer/Banker/Member
    Length of Time in Guild: 3.5 years (guild is 5 years old)
    Real World Location: Midwestern United States
    Career / Employment Industry: MBA-marketing, work in the Marketing Research profession.
    Hobbies: Besides EQ? Reading, scrapbooking, movies and spending time with my husband/my best friends and their kids.

    Besides EverQuest, what other MMORPGs have you played?
    None. EQ is it.

    How did you find out about EverQuest, and when did you begin playing?
    My husband and our two friends started in 1999/2000 (mage, ranger, enchanter) and of course they needed a healer. 1.5 years later at a baseball game my husband was in, those friends convinced me to give it a try. 6.5 years later here we all are still.

    Do you know anyone in real life who plays EverQuest?
    My husband (who got me into EQ), the best man at our wedding, his wife and a groomsman/usher. Then there are the folks I've met from attending Fan Faires (been to all but one since Chicag.

    How did you come up with your main character's name?
    I wanted Crystaluck (the name of the first short story I ever wrote in college) but the swear filter didn't allow "uck" through, so one of my friends came up with the name.

    What factors affected your choice of race / class for your main character?
    As stated above, a cleric I had to become. And my husband said plate armor was heavy so he chose the race with the highest strength for me.

    About how often do you play EverQuest, and how long is a typical playing session for you?
    Four nights a week for raids (4-5 hours a night) and about one day a weekend (could extend 1 hour or 16; depends on the goal).

    How do you spend your time in game?
    During the week 100% raiding; on weekends, 75% quests and 25% tradeskills with the scattering of groups in there.

    What other class/race combinations have you levelled past 35?
    Only Crystilla. My oldest alt is a Vah Shir shammy and she's only lvl 28/29. I made her the 2nd week Luclin came out in 2001.

    Approximately how much of the EverQuest world have you experienced?
    Quite a bit. I like to experience the entire game, not limit myself to just one aspect (raiding, grouping, tradeskills, quests, etc.).

    What is your favourite expansion?
    Velious I would have to say. It is the closest I've been to seeing my god. "Brell, put down that mug of ale and show thyself!"

    What is your least favourite expansion?
    I don't actually hate any of the expansions. Again it might be because I found great quests and lore in each expansion.

    What is your favourite zone?
    (1) For scenery, Plane of Fire zone in - the tree tips all on fire is amazing with graphics high. (2) Nedaria - it's where my husband's character and mine got married in game. The waterfalls and the beach sunsets/sunrises are gorgeous.

    What is your favourite NPC?
    (1) Avatar of Below - again the closest representative of my god handed me the Coldain Prayer Shawl, an incredible quest for its time. (2) Ragefire - I can always count on this dragon showing up and trying to strip me (my buffs) on my epic fights.

    What is your favourite raid encounter (if different from NPC)?
    (1) Innoruuk in Plane of Hate - original version (my small family guild took him down in 2002/2003). (2) Rallos Zek the Warlord - my alliance of roleplaying guilds (who'd never set foot in Vex Thal or beaten Emperor Ssra, but worked their way into the Elemental Planes).

    Describe your most memorable moment or proudest accomplishment in game.
    Hands down getting my cleric 1.0. I belonged to a small guild and the day after Ragefire became triggerable in Skyfire, my small family guild tried him for me. We wiped, but the zone (and server), who had never met me, heard what happened and kited Ragefire, rezzed us, buffed us and stayed with us to kill him for me. That kindness has stuck with me.

    What is the largest amount of platinum you have ever had at one time, and how did you go about accumulating it?
    1.2 million plat (DoN grandmaster armor, I was the first dwarf pre/post server merge to make it. And the ironic thing is I never once charged if handed ingredients.)

    What are some things you would change or implement in order to improve EverQuest?
    (1) Reinstate the EQLive recruitment/Looking for forum, and (2) I would desire SOE to work with the players. We're not all kids; many of us are adults working for companies that would partner with EQ. For example, my company is a market research firm who, if approached, could possibly partner to do surveys among the membership of EQ.

    How do you describe EverQuest to your coworkers or computer-illiterate friends?
    (This was prior to the game being created) - As Lord of the Rings online.

    What is next for you in the world of EverQuest?
    The same old thing, work on the next expansion's raids, (Solteris for my guild), finish my SoF factions for spells, and start all the wonderful quests in SoF.

    ** Pick the winner in a battle between...

    Tradeskilling vs Questing - Tough call, I'd call this a draw.
    Soloing vs Pick-Up Groups - Soloing
    Guild Raiding vs Grouping With Friends - guild raiding (if you would pick the other, you prolly need to switch guilds)
    GM (real people) Events vs Scripted (computerized) Events - GM Events
    Planes of Power vs Gates of Discord - Planes, so many more events, contestants would never find each other
    Depths of Darkhollow vs Omens of War - Omens of War; still today fewer have beaten that tough Overlord than Mayong Mistmoore, as fun as both fights were.
    Monk vs Rogue - Rogue, if he'd remember he can actually DPS from the front.
    Paladin vs Warrior - Paladin hands down, he is priestly after all

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    Default Re: Congrats Crystilla!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!


    Thanks. I got an email a few weeks back from someone at Alla's asking if I might be interested in it (not that I'd be selected). Took me a little bit to have time to fill out the info - and then an ex guildie of mine told me 2 days ago about me being selected and put up there

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    Default Re: Congrats Crystilla!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

    Yes Congrats!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Congrats Crystilla!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

    Proud to be an EQCleric Admin!

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    wuwu!! GRATZ!

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    Default Re: Congrats Crystilla!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!


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    Gratz hun.

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    Congrats Crystilla

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    very cool crys)


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    Gratz Hun


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    Hehe cool, congrats on being featured Crystilla!


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