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Thread: Where To Fight (lvl 80 - 85)

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    Default Re: Where To Fight For LvL 80?

    update :

    17khp, full def, and 2600 can do the snakes for slow faction and slow xp. great for helping lvl 70ish friends lvl up . with katta my problem was finding a good camp , well if you look at map to left of zone in is a yellow arrow , ne of that is a large building you have to run around the world to get to it - but its plenty of snakes

    for best xp ruins of illisian is best by far (for me at least) right now 10% a kill - can paci pull , but really arcstone is my fav for safe xp while chatting or othwerwise distracted xp - guild hall portal is right there, no romaers really , short pulls, plenty of mobs should i get a rush of adrenaline , AND i get to use turn undead , also if doorbell rings i can actually step away for like 30secs (after vow procs) and not be dead

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    Default Re: Where To Fight (lvl 80 - 85)

    Bah, I didn't make any changes to the initial thread other than trying to update the title. I'm sorry if it caused any confusion.

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    when i was working on my camp valor faction i found i could "solo" the aviaks with the help of a tank merc (paci pull, vov, nukes) they were about 2-3% aa per kill.

    In OGH theres a cave full of little undead trees, theyre soloable (i accidently trained myself with a couple and survived easily while questing) with the usual tricks

    Digging back to the first page... if you can get a couple patsy's to join your group (so you can request the instance) mech guardian is indeed soloable, everything can be paci pulled, and the aa is rather fast

    The Buried Sea was defintely easy to solo (i spent an afternoon there and gained about 4-5 aa) no merc required. I was picking on the pirates on jardel's hook, 2-3 at a time, ward, vow, DS, Pet ect...

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    This may seem a little low but I usually solo in:

    Oceangreen Village

    The animals there are light blue cons and do not hit for a lot of damage. The experience gained off one is small. That's why I usually pull them in packs of 15 to 20 mobs. Vow line buff for heal procs. Ward line to damage all mobs hitting me. I also use Promised Recuperation in a HK to keep HPs near full. Experience gain is around 7 to 10 blue depending o nthe number of mobs. Getting an undead in that mix is usually bad. That's when I use Avatar to drop targets as fast as possible.

    As the mobs die, the next one is damaged due to the Ward line. Thus, it becomes easier to kill the next mob in line. Some even drop below 20% and run before I get to them.

    I do have the FC hammer which also has the ice proc. My armor and items are all end game level and I have all AA defenses completed. I recommend pulling the animals in small numbers and work your way up to whatever level is comfortable for your cleric.

    Also, save quest items and complete missions over and over for chronobines and even more exp. I usually complete Paint Supplies, Good Seeds, Arms for the Dead, Names of the Faceless and Does This Look Infected? The last mission on that list has to be in progress but the others can have their quest items prelooted.

    One last thing: Loot anything that can be sold and sell it to the vendor. I can average about 2k to 3k PP per hour depending on drops. If you can take down the named, their items can be turned in for tribute.
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