I have been working on this "quest" since SoF came out and have been trying to figure out where all the pieces are and i am stumped ( as are others ) and i could REALLY use some help. i am about to pull my hair out.

I need help finding a task or quest that gives rewards "Azia CCW Rotator Cap, Azia CW Rotator Cap"

It is either in Dragonscale Hills, Fortress Mech, Loping planes, or Steam Factory ( i think) but i just cant find the quest giver. although i am thinking that maybe the last pieces are off some kind of group task or even a raid maybe even in the mansion.

It has been posted on the sony boards but ill copy and paste a good write up here for everyone to see

The combines are as follows:

Control Set Gear
Pico Timing Gear
Micro Control Gear
Weight Compensation Disc
Ridged Tamping Pinion

Results in Timing Control

Vertical Rotational Cam
Horizontal Rotational Cam

Results in 2D Rotational Cam

2D Rotational Cam
Temporal Pinion
Depth Field Stabilizer

Results in 3D Rotational Cam

3D Rotational Cam
Right Curved Spatial Adjuster
Inverted Left Curved Spatial Adjuster

Results in 4D Rotational Cam

Timing Control
4D Rotational Cam

Results in unknown

There are 3 more combines.

Zeka CCW Rotator Cap
Zeka CW Rotator Cap
Upwards Spring

Results in Zeka Stabilized Rotator

Beza CCW Rotator Cap
Beza CW Rotator Cap
Sidewards Axis Spring

Results in Beza Stabilized Rotator

Azia CCW Rotator Cap
Azia CW Rotator Cap
Forwards Axis Spring

Results in Azia Stabilized Rotator

Zeka Stabilized Rotator
Azia Stabilized Rotator
Beza Stabilized Rotator
Convex Focal Disc
Concave Focal Disc

Results in unknown.

unknown+unknown= finish.

you get the T. Bildarol's Lost Notebook, which is the instructions for the combines, and the T.Bildarol's Missing Toolkit from the Automated Vending Unit II ( which you need apprehensive faction to buy.

i cant tell you how much i would love some help on this quest.. i havent been able to focus on anything else.

anyways if you guys find anything please please please pm me or send me a tell in game.